Vetting For The Vets


As I approached this subject and the ongoing brouhaha over Trump’s nominee to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs, I had to consider a few details.

I was thinking of going after Ronny Jackson, the nominee and Trump’s physician, but he may not be the nominee by 10:00 AM Thursday.

The accusations against Jackson may not be true. Yes, there are a lot and the sheer number of them lends credibility. But at the same time, they also seem vindictive, which would make sense if you’ve been running an office like a tyrant as he’s been accused. That kind of behavior tends to create vindictive people. Also, I’m not real keen on the way Senator Jon Tester has rolled out the charges to the press.

The accusations are bad. He’s accused of doling out prescription medication to the point he earned the nickname “the candyman,” and even attempting to prescribe himself medication. There are stories of lost Percocets in his department. He’s also accused of being drunk on the job while traveling with the president and even crashing a government vehicle. The lesser charges are of him being a jerk and engaging in power struggles. But, what if I draw a cartoon of him being a raging pill-popping alcoholic and the worst he turns out to be is just an irritable lout. That’s no reason to destroy a man’s reputation. Some people get elected for that. It’s confusing as he’s also received great character and professional endorsements from colleagues and even President Obama.

I don’t want to be a total partisan and say the guy is bad because he’s a Republican’s nominee. You can believe some or every accusation against Jackson, but I don’t see enough to pile on and destroy his name as if he’s a Roy Moore. The big difference here is that the women who accused Roy Moore of pedophilia allowed their names to be published and put their reputations and in some cases, their lives at risk. Jackson’s accusers have remained anonymous. For me, that’s a huge difference.

And then I came to the conclusion that it almost doesn’t matter, even if every accusation against him is true because the man should never have been nominated in the first place. Even if he was as much of a Boy Scout as he portrays himself, sucking up to Donald Trump does not make one qualified to lead the second largest bureau in the United States’ government.

Jackson gave a laughable and bewildering report on Trump’s health. He said he only weighed 239 pounds, was mentally stable, and could have lived to be 200-years-old if he had a better diet when he was younger.

Trump has proposed a budget of $198.6 billion for Veterans Affairs. To manage that, he nominates a guy who’s never run a large agency, business, or department but apparently did a great job of holding Trump’s testicles while he coughed.

Trump, like all candidates, promised to take the concern and care of our nation’s veterans seriously. He promised to clean up the mess at the VA. It’s one of the many things he said, “only I can fix it.” To “fix it,” he nominates a guy who’s unqualified who he fails to properly vet before he sends him to the Senate for confirmation. He put less thought into this nomination than he does for one of A.M. poop tweets.

Trump has not taken the responsibility of appointing responsible people to his cabinet seriously. Our veterans deserve better than to have the equivalent of a Rick Perry, Ben Carson, Betsy DeVos, Steve Mnuchin, or Scott Pruitt oversee their greatest needs, especially after they’ve sacrificed so much for this nation. They deserve better than Donald Trump.

The Senate doesn’t need any of these accusations against Jackson to be true to reject him. He’s not qualified and his nomination, just like his judgement of Trump’s health, is a joke. But this one isn’t funny.

And if these accusations about Ronny Jackson turn out to be true or even more credible, I totally reserve the right to draw a parody of The Candyman song later.

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  1. Jackson isn’t qualified. If even some of what is alleged is true, he should lose his medical license. Any other doctor would. It could very well be Obama wasn’t aware of this behavior. It could be he felt more free under this wacko administration to not hide it quite as well. As for those who accused him of malfeasance… those who are still in uniform would be PUNISHED for coming forward publicly rather than going up the chain of command. I can understand why they stayed anonymous. It would ruin their lives for being whistleblowers. My bet is there will be an investigation into his behavior. It really seems to prove the adage… everything Dear Leader touches turns to shit.

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