A Trumpian Anthem


This isn’t about the fucking language, fuckers.

I heard that argument this morning on MSNBC. Some right-wing douchie Trump defending tool brought up instances where other politicians have used salty language. They excused this instance for the way Trump talks.

Is there a requirement that to be a Republican you must surrender all abilities to rationalize and equivocate?  Again, it’s not about the language, Shithead.

I said I was tired yesterday, but I got a couple hours of sleep and I’m raring to go again. Yesterday I was pissed at Trump. Today, I’m pissed at his defenders.

Senator Dick Durbin has confirmed Trump’s “shithole” comments. He was the only Democrat in a room with nine Republicans. Two of those Republicans say they can’t recall Trump making the “shithole” comment. One hasn’t confirmed the exact words but has said he took Trump to task for his comments. One Republican has denied it was ever said and that it’s a Democrat lie. That one Republican is Donald Trump.

Dick Durbin is a politician, and politicians do lie. But, I don’t believe Durbin would create a lie about words coming out of the president’s mouth that nine Republicans could deny. Why would he put himself out on a ledge like that unless it’s true, and he’s calling his GOP colleagues out?

Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue, two very horrible sycophantic people, are the ones who say they don’t recall the president making the “shithole” comments. If those two United States Senators can’t pay attention, then maybe they shouldn’t be involved in government meetings over heavy weighty things like immigration and stuff.

Lindsey Graham said he called the president out, while not confirming the quotes. None of the eight Republican senators in attendance at that meeting have refuted Durbin’s account.

Then we have Trump who has denied it. The White House has denied it. The White House has called Durbin a liar while criticizing him for leaking comments from a private meeting. Which is it? Is he lying or is he leaking? You can’t leak lies, assholes.

Trump tweeted that these accusations are lies, right after he tweeted that Obama had moved the U.S. embassy, which was a lie. You would think that if you want credibility on a certain day, that you’d cut back on the lying for at least an hour or so.

It’s also been reported that Trump was on the phone all night with friends asking how this will play with his base. Again, is this a lie or an actual comment? Are you hoping words you didn’t say will increase your support? Are we actually doing the wink-wink-nudge-nudge thing?

Do you know who believes Trump made those comments? The assholes over at The Daily Stormer. They believe it and they’re ecstatic.

Creative notes: This is kind of a bonus cartoon. I don’t normally like drawing on the same subject two times in a row. But, this is kinda big. I had a difficult time getting my idea last night. Today, they won’t stop coming. You’ll get another cartoon from me Saturday morning. I’m not sure what that’ll be on yet.

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  1. The best shithole thing about this whole shithole business is that the WaPo Shithole Word Nazi (which didn’t let me put an “A” or “S” or “H” in “*******”) has been forced to let me type shithole as many shithole times as I want. Shithole. Shithole. Shithole. Shithole. Shithole.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It was a reference to “Soup Nazi”, not Real Fucking Nazis. (“Fucking” is ”Okay With Clay”, he and WordPress aren’t Prudes like the WaPo Coral SW.)
        And it’s Not “Him/Her”, it’s “IT”, the “Coral Project” SW Censor Function.😉

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      2. I am old enough to have seen Seinfeld. I’m not that young, BTW – just immature! 😀

        Yeah, I always found that term offensive too. I mean, I get that Jerry Seinfeld is Jewish & the whole idea is ridiculous, but it always hit a nerve with me. Maybe I’m over-sensitive.

        OK, there’s no “maybe” about it. But, I’m also Jewish. It’s hard to explain how it makes me feel.

        Still, since we’re dealing with real f***ing Nazis, I don’t think throwing the term around is really appropriate. It makes it seem less serious.

        (I know Clay allows cussing. In fact, he loves it. I’m just being overly cautious in case some future potential employer looks up my name. I’m Internet paranoid. LOL)

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  2. #PresidentShithole’s words about Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations are supported by his treatment and words about Puerto Rico. Letting then continue suffering tells us he thinks the island is also a shithole.

    His words and feelings are also supported by words from a White House spokesman who said Trump would “be open to more immigrants from Asian countries because he felt that they help the United States economically.” (WaPo, 13 Jan 2018)

    With those words, we have it reiterated Trump thinks other immigrants that aren’t Asian or white would not contribute to the country and would be an economic drain.


  3. I guess I am not as sensitive on the subject as you are (maybe I should feel ashamed, but I also like Mel Brooks’ humor – “Springtime For Hitler”, “The Inquisition”, etc. – Mel Brooks believes that “The Best Revenge Is Ridicule”), but I totally understand how you feel.
    I also am Jewish (should we start a new hashtag #MeJew or is that too insensitive?) and I remember as a kid in the 1950’s my Mom took me to get haircuts from a very nice man with an accent who had a bunch of numbers tattooed on his arm. All of my grandparents emigrated from Eastern Europe in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s, and I have no doubt that I had many unknown distant relatives who were lost in The Holocaust.
    So not as sensitive, but definitely as immature. Why else would I be hanging around claytoonz.com?😉

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    1. You make good points. Still, it bugs me. (Yes, #MeJew isn’t cool either. Sorry.)

      My family got out in the early 1900s too. My Dad still warns me not to tell people we’re Jewish though. He says there are still a lot of people who don’t like us. I think recent demonstrations supports that mindset.

      Maybe I’ve become more sensitive due to the demonstrations. Seeing people scream about blood & extermination & Jews… it’s kinda scary, y’know?

      Mel Brooks is a genius though. I wonder what he has to say about what’s going on now. Something tells me it ain’t funny, though.

      I think, in the end, you’re right. It’s your place to use the word however you see fit. What I’m thinking, personally, is that it deserves to be reserved for the real, marching, Swastika-wearing, c***s out there. I don’t want to trivialize it when it’s so much more valid in its original usage right now.

      But, that’s how I’ll choose to use it. You have the right to use it as you see fit. I’m sorry for bothering you about it. 🙂

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      1. Don’t be sorry. It was no bother, I like seeing your comments and your replies to my comments. In deference to you, I will try to be more careful about using that word.
        I think I like your Dad. I think we think alike. “Listen to your Father.”😉

        BTW – I guess I overdid it in the shithole comment on WaPo. The SW didn’t block it, but it appears that an Actual Live Person stepped in and removed it. How embarrassing. My wrist has been slapped. 🤐

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I do appreciate your consideration. You’re a sweet person. I enjoy your comments too!

        Oh dear. I hope you’re not too much like my father. He’s a crotchety old worrywart who believes his way is the only way. But, he’s not an idiot. So, good and bad. :- D

        Oh double-dear! Someone took a ruler to your knuckles! 😛

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