Taking A Hike


The Highlands Current in Philipstown, New York asked me to draw a cartoon on one of their local stories. I decided to wait a week after the Current’s publishing of this cartoon before posting it here. I didn’t want my site to compete with theirs, or look like it was scooping them.

The numbers of hikers on their Breakneck Ridge has increased to the point that it’s actually becoming a problem for their stewards.

This cartoon was a lot of fun and easy to come together. The editor, who obviously knows the issue a lot better than I do because he lives there and covers the area, supplied me with three ideas. He said I could use any one of them. Since I prefer to write my own stuff, I came up with a couple of ideas and he liked this one, and so did I.

It’s nice when everything comes together, especially when deadlines are looming and I have other projects on my schedule. This was a fun one and a joy to do.

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