La Platina Detour


I drew this cartoon last week for The Costa Rica Star and I totally forgot to post it here. I like to let The Star have it on their site for a day or two before I publish it on my page.

From the Star’s article: The La Platina Bridge in Costa Rica is the main artery that connects San Jose with the Juan Santa Maria International airport. The bridge widening was supposed to be completed in 6 weeks which started January 21st. The delays have been endless which has crippled traffic in and around the greater San Jose area causing 5 km drives to take hours on end. This weekend the bridge will be closed for one last time according to MOPT and will reopen Monday May 1st all lanes in both directions.

This cartoon ruined my weekend last week. I usually draw a cartoon on Friday night, take Saturday off, and start all over again Sunday evening. This should have been completed on Thursday evening but I had difficulty creating ideas the editor liked. To be fair, they weren’t awesome ideas. The issue for me was that I couldn’t find a rich enough issue. I figured we’d just blow the week off and try again the next week, but early Saturday morning he threw out the subject of the bridge. That wiped out my Saturday but I would rather come through than slack off. It was a good issue.

Whenever I draw a local cartoon for a publication in a place where I don’t live I’m always open to suggestions and changes since I don’t know the topics as well as they do, or have to live with them. The Star’s editor suggested I throw in the Waze logo since it’s widely used in Costa Rica. I had to Google the logo so I could see what it looked like.

On my own, I wanted to throw in the beer so I Googled beer in Costa Rica. What I found was Imperial beer which is very popular in Costa Rica. The logo looks really cool to me so I played with it here. Since I often get distracted and end up going down internet wormholes, I learned a little about the beer. Thanks to the logo Costa Ricans refer to the beer as “Aguila” or “Aguilita”, which translates into English as “Eagle” or “Little Eagle” in reference to its logo.

The beer is also the world’s first water positive beer. What the heck does that mean? I’ll tell you what it means though I still don’t fully understand it. It means it’s a product that returns to the ecosystem more water than it takes from the environment during its elaboration process, from the extraction of raw material to the consumption of the final product. Huh? It gives back more than it receives. Let’s just hope it’s better than Budweiser and doesn’t taste like water.

I have never been much of a beer snob. I do have standards in that I don’t like Bud or Miller but I’m also not crazy about thick dark beer, like Guinness, and I can barely work with the German beer, Bitburger. The one thing I hate with a passion is flavored beer. Apple beer, spice beer, pumpkin beer, etc. Get that swill the hell out of here. I’m the same way with coffee in that I like coffee-flavored coffee. My favorite foreign beer is Boddingtons which isn’t heavy and it’s kinda creamy. If you purchase Boddingtons in a can you’ll find that it contains a widget which gives the beer a creamy draught-style head. In the past I would occasionally drink a Grolsch because it comes with red, rubber ring which I would later use for an awesome guitar strap lock. They work. When my little sister was a bartender she would bring me home Grolsch strap locks.

See what happened here? This cartoon and blog is about the bridge in Costa Rica and I wormholed it from the bridge, to the Waze logo, to the beer logo, to the beer, to other beers, to guitar strap locks. Wormhole!

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  1. Stream of consciousness-the fancy term for the wormhole.

    My husband drank Grolsch for years. He had this idea he was going to make his own beer. My sister warned me that the house would reek of yeast. Her husband had actually went through with said making. Mine thankfully just got to the “let’s collect Grolsch bottles for months to put the beer in” stage. He had over 200 bottles lining a wall in the garage. Even though they were rinsed out the garage smelled like beer. He wound up being sent to Afghanistan and coming to his senses.

    When we were stationed in Germany he drank Steinlager. With that name you’d think German beer. Nope New Zealand! You might like it. They stopped selling it at our class6. He says it was better the Grolsch or Heineken. I wouldn’t know. As a teen I found out that I hated beer. I was good at chugging because I didn’t want to taste it for too long.

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    1. Heineken used to be my go-to beer. I haven’t had one in years. I don’t do beer as much as I used to. I’ve kinda burned out on drinking period and I’ve never been a liquor person. With the Imperial beer I was more intrigued by the label and history than actually drinking it, but I’ll try one someday. I’ll also go down wormholes reading about food and their cultural history. I had to do a lot of reading about Borscht recently, which I have never tried.


  2. There isn’t a liquid in the world that quenches thirst like water, except beer. I want a good ale w/o all the fancy flavorings. The thick and thin of it is who makes it and if you can actually eat a meal with it or not. Like wine, it’s the after taste in the mouth; do you want to drink more or throw it done the sink.


  3. I like Boddington’s (and many British & German beers); however, with the craft beer explosion in the US, I rarely buy imports any more. There’s never been more quality beers so available from domestic sources. I suggest you take a trip to a nearby brewery or brewpub and talk with their knowledgeable staff. They will be able to guide you to something that tickles your palate and taste buds. If you do not have a nearby provider of local beers, check out some of the varieties produced by Dogfishhead or Sam Adams,

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