Contraception Objection


Donald Trump signed another executive order. Unfortunately he didn’t forget to sign this one and after thirty minutes of him signing it we got to take a look at it. It’s nasty.

The order, dubbed the “Religious Freedom” order, directs the executive branch to “honor and enforce” existing protections for religious liberty and asks agencies to “consider issuing amended regulations” for organizations that don’t want to cover contraception in employer health insurance plans. Basically that legalizes being an asshole. They’ll fight for your freedom of religion as long as that religion is Christianity.

Firstly, Trump is the executive branch. Is he directing himself somewhere other than one of his golf resorts?

The idea with this order is that religious fanatics can use their faith as an excuse to hate on gay people, deny contraception coverage to their employees, and let churches endorse and campaign for Republican candidates. It seeks to erase the line that separates church and state. Now all those people concerned about Sharia Law will work harder to make Christian law federal law.

However, the order, like Trump, is more bark than bite. The ACLU was going to sue over it but after reading it they said “nah. We’ll let them think it has substance.” Kinda like when someone attempts to insult you but it’s almost a compliment but you let them continue to think it’s an insult. Earlier this week an editor in South Carolina tried to hurt my feelings by telling me I should work for Mad Magazine. Aw, thank you.

The order does open the door to future policy shifts. Cheeto Stain directed the attorney general, Racist Elf, to “as appropriate, issue guidance interpreting religious liberty protections in Federal law.”

It’s also a big wink and nod telling the IRS to use “maximum discretion” in enforcing laws regarding religious organizations and offer “regulatory relief” to religious objectors to contraception coverage. That’s not actually covered in the order, but it’s a nudge.

Churches can renounce and advocate for issues. What they’re not supposed to do is campaign or endorse a candidate. Only one church in U.S. history has ever lost their tax-exempt status for engaging in politics and that was way back in 1992 when Clinton was running against Bush. Gee, I wonder which candidate they endorsed.

Trump hopes his order will also allow businesses to deny insurance coverage to their employees if that plan covers contraception. The hope is that you’ll be forced to have that baby so the Republicans can starve it by denying it school lunch. That’s something a lot of “Christians” get excited about.

I’m sure the Trump/RyanCare plan, if it passes the Senate, will take care of the insurance contraception as no one except the filthy rich will have insurance.

The part of the order that probably makes Mike Pence and his mother happy is that now bakeries operated by religious fanatics won’t be forced to bake gay cakes anymore. They don’t even have to sell them a Ding Dong. “Sorry, but Jesus Christ, my lord and savior, says your life and love is an abomination and it would be a violation of my religion to sell you a cake….so go fuck yourself.”

Can you just feel America turning great again?

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  1. Lots of gross stuffing going on down in the US oF A. I appreciate your work but can we clarify that there’s no Biblical direction/prohibition concerning contraception? That’s a Catholic church thing which is not really a Christian thing. If a person/company takes a stand opposing contraception they may not actually be committed to Christ, no matter what kind of posturing they take.


  2. The vulgarity of politics! Dump & his Evangelicals makes me feel like hurling, while I am Catholic & choose to be Catholic by my own free will, I do believe many of the faith blindly vote on one topic, especially Planned Parenthood, many people I know are stuck on one singular item instead of the good that it does, many would be horrified that during Lent I donated money to them, personally I don’t care, Jesus knows what’s in my heart. Again Clay, thank you for your insightful posts my loved ones & I look forward to them each day!

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