Fire Colbert


I’m sure this point has been made elsewhere, but I wanted to put some ink on it.

After Donald Trump treated Face The Nation host John Dickerson very rudely, late night talk show host Stephen Colbert decided to tear into Trump.

What is it with talk show hosts making the news this week and forcing me to draw cartoons about them? Anyway, Colbert works for the same network as Dickerson and he wanted to defend his friend. Trump insulted Dickerson as “fake news” and walked out of the interview when the journalist pressed him on his lies about Obama wiretapping him.

In Colbert’s attack (cover the kid’s ears) he said that the only thing Trump’s mouth is good for is “being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.” Aw, lawdy! No he didn’t! Yes he did! Hey! If Colbert can start saying “cock” on network television then I can say it here. Cock cock cock cock cock cock cock. Cock. Cockadoodle-doo, fuckers.

Conservatives and shit weasels freaked out. There’s a big movement online with the hashtag “Fire Colbert.” There’s also a few hash tags of “fire Cobert” as literacy is difficult for conservatives.

It would be bizarre that conservatives want to “fire Colbert” if they hadn’t already exhibited a pattern for not making any sense and that they’re all sniveling, crying, safe-space-seeking snowflakes. Weren’t these same freaks shouting last week that denying Ann Coulter to speak at Berkeley was a violation of her freedom of speech? Can we have it both ways? Let Coulter speak but fire Colbert? One is a expressing their Constitutional right and the other needs to be silenced? You’re all a bunch of freaking hypocrites and your mouths are only good for….I better not.

They’re also accusing the cock thing as being a homophobic slur. It’s nice that conservatives are so protective of homosexuals when it’s time to exhibit phony outrage. It’s no more a homophobic slur than the expression “kiss my ass.”

Here. Let me give you an example: If you want to silence Colbert and you’re now using a phony defense of homosexuals in your attack, then you can kiss my ass.

Creative notes: As I said, this point has probably been made which leaves me a bit unsatisfied in the cartoon production department. Which is why I whipped this out quickly with minimal artwork. It’s nearly 1:00 Eastern, and I’m about to make the coffee and produce another cartoon. So many issues hit today that’s I have a hard time choosing my subjects.

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  1. A little problem with your comparison. Ann Coulter was essentially blocked from speaking at Berkley, thus it didn’t happen. Colbert on the other hand already spewed his adolescent lewd comment all over the airwaves. His lewd comment is arguably as bad or worse than anything Bill O’Reilly or Don Imus said and they lost their jobs.

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    1. let’s compare apples to apples. Not compare an apple to sexual offenders and racists, mkay? Whether Coulter spoke or not, it was still the Right’s argument she should speak, while they also argue to “fire Colbert.” Understand?
      Don Imus referred to a group of black college students as “nappy headed ho’s” which I guess if you’re a conservative, isn’t as bad as insulting a racist, traitorous president. Bill O’Reilly wasn’t fired for anything he said on the air. You could read into it as I’m sure there’s still something abou it on the internet machine.

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      1. In context? “Hot chocolate,” said in a breathy whisper by an older man in a position of authority, while passing the recipient’s desk so that she’s left questioning whether or not he said it, but still leaving her upset & afraid, completely dehumanized & called an object that clearly focuses on both her gender & race? WAY FREAKIN’ WORSE. 🙄


      2. More to the point about your comparison…

        The reason why Ann Coulter is not a good comparison is precisely because she was BLOCKED, she was repelled from Berkley. She didn’t speak there. Had the liberals, supposedly proponents of free speech, not threatened violence and instead respectfully allowed her to speak on their campus then you could maybe use her as a comparison. Otherwise, to me it seems your comparison is actually working against you. All this shows is a conservative was silenced before ever given the opportunity to speak on the one hand, and on the other hand a whining loser liberal with unfettered access to mainstream media getting his jollies off talking about a “cock holster” perhaps without consequences. If he isn’t fired I suspect people and even liberals will eventually get bored of his constant barrage of insults and he will be let go due to poor ratings. He is riding high in the news now though, we’ll see.


  2. What a comeback, to the most ,rude, loathsome & ignorant person in our time to occupy the Oval Office! It was a dressing down that he FULLY earned! I feel full compassion for those who didn’t get it….hmm, second thoughts, no I bloody well don’t! Drink the hot scorched sand he’s feeding you until your throat runs dry & you cry out for a glass of water & Donnie gives you a glass of water from the swamp he says he’s draining..

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  3. Um… I have to disagree with Dubois. Although I’m not as familiar with the reasoning behind Don Imus’s firing, I can say that what Stephen Colbert said was not on any level comparable to Bill O’Reilly’s continued, racist, sexual harassment of at least a half dozen women.

    O’Reilly wasn’t fired for saying something off-color on the air; he was fired because he made his co-workers, colleagues, & subordinates feel unsafe & inhuman. Colbert made a comment that numerous others have made before him, only with more “blue” language.

    (Also, Clay, dear… I think you meant “Ann Coulter,” yet wrote “All Coulter.” 😉 :-* )

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  4. Okay, if you want to compare apples to apples the only way your argument would work is if Ann Coulter said something like <> then I would say you have a valid point. Except probably what would happen is Ann Coulter would be banned from speaking anywhere without a petition, perhaps jailed for violating Hillary’s Civil Liberties or inciting liberals to riot, or perhaps forced underground due to death threats. While the only fall out for the beloved liberal Colbert “cock holder” remark is some people are asking that he be fired by collecting signatures on a petition. What a restrained response to this disgusting hateful Colbert. Compare this to the violence and threats at Berkeley, CA for trampling on Ann Coulter’s right to free speech. We don’t even know what she said in Berkeley, why? Because she didn’t even get to speak there, even though she was invited.

    I think it would be so interesting if Fallon, Meyers or Kimmel were to say something like
    Wouldn’t that just be hilarious? Except we all know they wouldn’t dare say such a thing about a liberal, especially Obama. Because that would be racist. Most of the mainstream media, with the exception of FOX is nothing more than a ” cock holder”, to borrow a phrase from Colbert, for the Democratic party. Or maybe we should change that to something more politically correct like “genital holder”.

    Like Bill Clinton will forever be associated with the intern Monika, Anthony Weiner associated with his weenie, I think Colbert will forever be associated with his delightful “cock holder” remark.


  5. Apparently words are deleted between arrow symbols, still learning here.

    Try adding these 2 phrase between the appropriate set of arrows and it will read better.

    1st set of arrows …the only thing Hillary Clinton’s mouth is good for is a “cock holder” for Obama or Ali Khameneia or maybe a cunt holder for Merkel…

    2nd set of arrows…the only thing Obama’s mouth is good for is a “cock holder” for his own mouth…


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