Getting Cheesy In Costa Rica


I’m a little late with this but here’s last week’s cartoon drawn for The Costa Rica Star. I draw so many cartoons that sometimes I forget I did something the day before. It’s Saturday morning now and I can’t remember what I drew Thursday.

I was having fun with the story that Chuck E. Cheese will be coming to the nation. I was inspired by reader comments on the Star’s Facebook page. It seemed a lot of people were aghast at the news. Some hated that U.S. culture was putting its stamp further upon Costa Rica. Others really just hate crappy pizza.

We have a Chuck E. Cheese here. I think it’s still here. I haven’t been since my son grew out of the desire of wanting to go. For one summer it seemed we were there every week as every time one of his friends had a birthday party it was at Chuck E. Cheese. I collected a lot of skeeball tickets. I probably have enough for one of their pencils.

I never minded the place too much because I realized it wasn’t there for me. It was for the kids. But yeah, that place is loud and the pizza is terrible. And is it really a good idea to have a rat as the mascot for a restaurant? Most people don’t like rats around stuff they plan to eat.

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