March Like A Girl


This weekend there will be events held in the nation’s capital and several other cities that will bring millions together in support of peace, progress, love, and hope to form a more perfect, fair, and equal union. No I’m not talking about the Trump inauguration. We’ll be lucky if they’re not taking cattle prods to Muslims and unfurling Nazi banners at that thing. No, I’m talking about the Women’s March.

I have been invited by several people to journey north up the road 50 miles and experience the Women’s March in Washington but I must know all the wrong people. According to conservatives and their trusty news sources people are being paid to attend these things yet nobody has offered me a dime. I can’t even get a free taco out of the thing. Disappointed.

What is the “Women’s March on Washington?” In their own words it’s “a women-led movement bringing together people of all genders, ages, races, cultures, political affiliations and backgrounds in our nation’s capital … to affirm our shared humanity and pronounce our bold message of resistance and self-determination.”

There will be sister marches in all 50 states and in 32 countries. Somehow this is controversial, kinda like when Meryl Streep said “people shouldn’t be bullying the handicapped” was controversial. I’m so sick and tired of stuck-up Hollywood celebrities, who only fly over real America, telling us not to bully handicapped people. What are we supposed to do, pick on people our own size?

The Women’s March is expected to be the largest protest to ever take place in D.C. Even larger than protests against Nixon, Vietnam, when George W. Bush stole an election, New Coke, and when they put that crappy U2 album on everyone’s iPod. This is even more serious as we have a wannabe-fascist entering the White House and a Congress subservient to him that’s threatening to roll back equal rights for women and all minorities.

I’m not attending the protest though it’d be interesting to observe. I expect it to be mostly peaceful as it’s led by women, and let’s be honest…men are the real jerks of society. We’re not all Donald Trumps, Ted Cruzs, or Ann Coulters, but get a bunch of us together and we’ll set something on fire and cook meat we bought ourselves over it.

Besides, I’m going to be resting because I think I just drew every single woman who will be in attendance Saturday.

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  1. There will be more people marching with the women than goosestepping with Trump on this black Friday in America. It’s time for women to take control of running this country because, well……. Trump. 😦

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