Hasta La Vista, Fidel


A lot of people are saying “F you, 2016” as they’re upset at the number of celebrity deaths this year. I don’t get that. Famous people die every year. Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, George Harrison, Jeff MacNelly, and Herblock didn’t die in 2016. But I too would like to tell 2016 that it can go suck a long one but not because it killed Prince and Carol Brady. 2016 gave us Donald Trump. Did you vote for Trump? Did you vote third party? If you did you can go suck a long one too.

But for everyone who laments how this year took out a great famous person well it just took out Fidel Castro. People in Miami are filling the street to celebrate which apparently involves driving around in circles while honking your horn. The media is trying to find out the cause of death for the 90-year-old former dictator. I’d say cause of death is he was 90.

Castro inspires passion in people. Many hate him and cite his destruction of Cuba’s economy, his allowing the Soviet Union to place nuclear missiles on his island and point them at the U.S., his one party rule, his state ownership of everything, and his imprisoning political opponents. Others cite his love for the Cuban people and the equality, healthcare, and education he brought to his people. I see a mixed bag that leans more toward the negative side. I think socialism can be a good thing if implemented correctly (we’re a socialist system now). Communism is not socialism. Communism is a proven failure.

How will this impact our relationship with Cuba? Ultimately the future of Cuba lies with Cuba. President Obama normalized relations with Cuba and president-elect Trump has promised to reverse those. But Trump is a proven flake, a liar, and he’s already tried to violate the trade embargo in the past. So I expect U.S. golf courses in Cuba soon enough. I would hate to see us piss on their culture by putting McDonald’s and Quiznos all over the island.

I thought about how I would cartoon on Castro. I could go with something that makes a profound statement or go with what a lot of my editors would want. There’s gonna be a lot of cigar cartoons. I decided to take the quick route to give my editors something they want, fast, and that they could get it out there quickly if they choose to do so. I drew this really quick. I spent five hours on last night’s cartoon and about 20 minutes on this one. So sue me.

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    1. You just might. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone didn’t think of this before me and I just beat them to the drawing board. I’m really not that fond of this cartoon. I think I’m going to take another shot at it with a different editorial comment.


  1. Regarding your line: I’d say cause of death is he was 90, reminds me of a line from a book called the City Who Fought, where the space station was invade by pirates and a couple of the pirates were killed and the commander was asked if an autopsy should be performed. He listed the different injuries done to the men and ended the listing with,”An autopsy seems somewhat superfluous.”

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