Tango And Clash


At least he wasn’t doing the Macarena (I just put that song in your head, didn’t I?)

I defend Obama a lot. It’s not my intention to defend him as much as it is to mock the ridiculous charges of his critics. It’s not my job to defend Obama. So I can’t ignore the president dancing a tango right after a huge terrorist attack. Talk about fiddling while Rome is burning.

My first idea was to have him dancing with a victim of the attack in Brussels. But then I thought a bunch of cartoonists will have that idea. There will also be cartoons of him dancing with the terrorists and that sort of stuff. I hate having the same idea as others, especially the knuckleheads who abide by right wing talking points. Gag!

I decided to focus on the criticism and defense of the president and how he just made it worse.

I don’t have a problem with the president going to a baseball game after the attack. The killings didn’t happen in the United States. The game was already planned and there were expectations for Obama to attend. He was already in Cuba before the bombs went off. Hell, other presidents remained on vacation during tragedies. Reagan stayed on vacation, and sent out pics of him lounging in his pajamas after terrorists killed 241 marines in Beirut. George W. Bush kept reading My Pet Goat to school children upon learning the World Trade Center was hit.

The people upset the president attended a ballgame are the usual bozos who would go after him for putting toilet paper under the spool instead of over. Impeach!

But dancing the tango really is inappropriate. If nothing else, it sends the wrong message and is just a poor photo op. Whoever allowed that to happen should get the walking Obama’s dogs detail. It was stupid.

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