Putrid Piranhas

cjones03182016 Internal emails show that Michigan governor Rick Snyder was aware there was lead in the water in the city of Flint, poisoning the citizens, yet he ignored it for over a year. The governor moved Flint away from Detroit water to save money. Now he’s spent over a million dollars of the state’s taxpayer’s money in his legal defense.

During the last Republican debate the candidates hailed Snyder as if he was a hero rushing to Flint’s defense. In reality it’s more like he’s rushing to save his ass. There are numerous calls for him to resign, be recalled or even impeached. Others want to see him in prison.

Can we blame the Environmental Protection Agency? Yes. They responded slowly but they didn’t create this crisis then ignore it for a year. Yet at yesterday’s hearing at the House Oversight Committee Republican member Jason Chaffetz went after the EPA as if they created the crisis, then threw in piranhas and afterward peed in the river for good measure.

I can think of quite a few politicians who deserves a good swim with piranhas.

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