Sheriff Underpants


This is a cartoon I drew for the Maricopa Monitor in Arizona.

Paul Babeu is a Republican sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona. He’s a hardliner against illegal immigration. He was also co-chair of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in Arizona. He recently announced his candidacy for Arizona’s 1st Congressional District. This is where it gets weird.

Babeu is gay, which is always weird for a Republican. Despite his stance and rhetoric about illegal immigrants, a male illegal immigrant claimed he and Babeu were lovers from 2006 to 2011. He also claims Babeu threatened to deport him if he exposed the affair. From this, the sheriff acquired the nickname “Sheriff Underpants.” He probably doesn’t like that.

I’m glad I’m out of his jurisdiction or else he might deport me for this cartoon.

I got an email Monday morning from the editor of the Monitor asking for a local cartoon and how quick could I turn it out. I told I’ve been able to do it within a day for clients in the past (I do it everyday for my syndicate). He then asked if I could do it within three hours, which was when he was going to press (stop the presses!). He said if I couldn’t come up with anything in that time span then he’d still want it for the next edition. I can’t guarantee I can always research, write, submit a rough, then draw and color a finished product within three hours, but I did yesterday. Actually I did it within two. However this cartoon kinda wrote itself.

Here’s the rough. I took his hat off because his bald head makes him look more identifiable. I also have him laying down because it was easier to get him in the sign around all the lettering. It also helped that the Burt Reynolds/Joe Namath pose made it funnier.



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