Bye, Bye, Boehner


I posted on social media that I was fighting the urge to draw a flaccid Boehner cartoon. I received a lot of comments of “Do it! Do it!” Sorry, kids. I have to maintain a semblance of a career here.

John Boehner resigned as Speaker Of The House on Friday, and just a day after the Pope gave a speech before Congress. Having the Pope accept the invitation to speak to Congress might be the only success of Boehner’s tenure.

A lot of people say Obama is the worst president in the history of the United States. But those people are partisans who don’t understand history, hate the president for being successful and in general are either racists, idiots or both.

In a non partisan way, John Boehner might be the very worst Speaker in the history of the American Congress. Not for his views or policies. Just for the fact that he can’t manage. The man was simply bad at his job. Though with his party any success would have been amazing.

Was Boehner forced out by his own party? It kinda looks that way. Ted Cruz almost led a parade today in celebration. Other Republicans are rejoicing also. There were more Democrats with nice things to say about the guy than Republicans, but Republicans kinda pride themselves on being jerks.

The more conservative members and Tea Party wacknuts of his party are upset because John Boehner didn’t successfully destroy the country on their whims. Sorry he didn’t drive the car off the cliff, guys. The Teapublicans want to hold the economy hostage just to spite the black guy in office. They want to destroy every social program currently in existence and establish a Christian Sharia Law over the country. Or maybe they just don’t like Boehner because he’s not a white guy anymore.

Who will be the next Speaker? I don’t know but whoever wants the job needs to have their sanity questioned.

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