Fox Buys National Geographic


Rupert Murdoch’s Fox corporation has bought a majority stake in National Geographic. The first concern is Murdoch will take away all of the magazine’s coverage of climate change, since Murdoch is a denier.

My first idea was to draw native women, topless (which National Geographic is famous for) and to have the nipples censored with black squares. Then I remembered my clients are family newspapers and they might shriek at such an image. Not that they’re all going to love the caricature of Obama with a bone through his nose.

This cartoon took a while to create. I started around 11:30 PM (while watching Colbert) and finished up around 3:30 AM.  I didn’t leave any white borders on the original which made me have to figure some stuff out with coloring. The original looks kinda unique. There’s a very worthy auction for charity coming up and this cartoon might end up there. They requested a specific cartoon a few months ago which I can’t remember.

I really enjoyed drawing the bears and I always love drawing sharks.



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