Don’t Have To Live Like A Refugee


What was your first reflex upon seeing the refugee child dead on the beach? Did you read the story? Did you research more? Did you look away because it was too horrible to view? I looked away. Of course the image kept showing up all day, and it still does. It’s a hard image to view.

I was truly heartbroken at the image. His name was Aylan Kurdi and he was from Syria. I read about his family and his five-year-old brother who also drowned. I’ve read about the other migrants fleeing civil war in Syria and ISIS. All for the right to live.

We are a self-absorbed society. Social media models are built upon it. What a genius idea to sell people themselves. But while we’re posting pictures of our own faces and our cats, people are walking thousands of miles just to survive. Oil rich countries in the Middle East aren’t helping. Most of the nations they’re walking through don’t want to help. We’re not helping.

I’m just as bad. I posted stupid comments yesterday about a terrible movie. I post pictures of my Beagle. I get into pointless political debates on Facebook. I’ll do all that again. But not tomorrow.

I have a challenge for myself and I’m asking you to join me. For one day do not post anything about yourself on social media. When you feel an urge to post a selfie, cat picture, vacation to Hooterville, that incredible taco you made or that mimosa you’re about to down, or whine about how something isn’t going your way, don’t.

Instead read a story about this crisis. Post a story on it. Post an opinion about it. Share this with your friends. Suggest a solution. I feel there’s not much more I can do. But I can do this.

I’m doing it for Aylan.


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