Trump Tackles Birthright Citizenship


What happened to Republicans being Constitutionalists? They accuse Democrats, liberals, Obama, anyone else, of tampering, defying, abusing, and violating the Constitution. Today many of the GOP candidates for president want to throw out the 14th Amendment which grants citizenship to all persons born or naturalized in the United States. That means any person born in the United States, even if your parents are not U.S. citizens.

Republicans only care about the 2nd Amendment. The rest they can burn, smoke, trash, walk over, get a dirty dog and let him roll around on it, use as kitty litter, blow your nose in it, take a huge dump on it, line a bird cage, floss with it, dry your dishes with it, use as a jock strap, allow Robert Mapelthorpe to use it as a painting canvas, basically what I’m trying to say is, except for the part they interpret as a right to take automatic weapons to Wal-Mart, they don’t care about the Constitution.

Trump wants to deport those here illegally and force them to take their children with them. He’s a proud American who wants to crack down on Americans. I don’t think a President Trump will have to deport anyone because after he’s sworn into office a lot of people are going to volunteer to leave the country. Right wing prime minister candidates in Canada will propose to build a wall (crap. That’s a cartoon idea).

Other candidates have jumped on the bandwagon and they want to end birthright citizenship. Even Bobby Jindal, whose real name is actually Piyush. His name isn’t even Bobby. The guy converted to Christianity, renamed himself after a character on the Brady Bunch and has portraits commissioned of him as a white guy. But Bobby Piyush Jingleheimerschmidt, who was born six months after his parents arrived in the United States, thinks we should end birthright citizenship. I will volunteer to help him pack and ship him off to India with a note apologizing to the citizens of India (Dammit. That’s another cartoon idea).

One Republican candidate has come out and defended the 14th Amendment. How interesting is that? Former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore is standing up for birthright citizenship. Unfortunately Mr. Gilmore has about as much chance as being elected president as Piyush has of having a photo-op eating curry. Jim Gilmore isn’t just not polling among potential GOP voters, the man has fewer Twitter followers than I do. Seriously. He barely has over a thousand and half of those probably mistook him for a Gilmore Girl.

I love the argument that the 14th Amendment doesn’t apply to every person born in the United States but the 2nd Amendment applies to every gun.

I’m not sure everyone will get this idea. The last time I had that concern it turned out to be a big hit. We’ll see where it goes. I did have fun drawing storks. My favorite stork cartoon is the old Warner Bros. where the stork delivers Bugs Bunny to a gorilla couple. The male gorilla is named Elvis and he’s not pleased about his new ugly baby. As soon as he sees his new son, without saying a word he runs off camera and quickly returns with a huge club. Classic stuff.


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