Straight Outta…


The Oath Keepers is an organization which encourages members, some believed to be current and former members of the military and law enforcement, to disobey any orders and/or laws they believe violate the United States Constitution. They’re probably a real fun bunch to hang out. Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee and Pat Buchanan think they’re just peachy.

They consist of gun hoarders, birthers and believers of other types of conspiracies such as Obama is coming for their guns and will eventually order martial law. I’m kinda getting tired of waiting on this gun-grabbing martial law thing. Obama’s been in office seven years and he hasn’t violated the constitution or grabbed one gun yet.

This week during the first anniversary of Michael Brown’s death there were protests and violence in Ferguson, Missouri. The Oath Keepers showed up to protect reporters for Infowars, a conservative news organization that’s fun for conspiracy theorists. They also said they were there to protect private citizens and businesses. They were/are armed. It was legal. Now if a group of black citizens walked around with guns cocked and loaded I’m sure there would be a bit more scrutiny.

One of the Oathers referred to Obama as “our mulatto president.” Damn that’s charming.

On another note: I’m sick of the “Straight Outta” memes. Yes, we know you are from somewhere. Some place that doesn’t encourage creativity or originality. Please stop. Of course I’m pretty grouchy toward memes in general. I’m really sick of memes where a quote is invented then placed with a picture of a movie star like Heath Ledger as the Joker or Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka. Please stop. I think memes are counter productive to satire and I want to lead a campaign to at least stop my fellow political commentators from sharing them. We can do better than that like…uh…I don’t know. Maybe by creating our own satire like a column or a political cartoon? Hmmm?

Rant over.

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