Claytoonz Makes CNN


Yo. In case you missed it (you probably missed it), one of my cartoons made CNN (that’s a link above. Click it).

The cartoon was pretty popular. My site gets a decent number of hits. This particular cartoon came out Friday and on Saturday this little ole’ website got more hits than it had previously ever received. It topped those views on Sunday (nobody usually views this site on a Sunday). I had already drawn two more cartoons by that point so I was thinking “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?”. I kept working.

I had a lot of cartoon ideas over the weekend (which can come in spurts). I figured that I had better draw them now. I was at least a couple days ahead with my newspaper clients (by the way, I picked up eight clients over the past week because that’s how I roll…and I’m selling the cartoons CHEAP. I have to compete with syndicates selling cartoons in packages with advice columns and crossword puzzles and one of them has actually inserted a “donate” button asking for handouts on their website after Walmarting the industry).

I try to keep track of hits, views, visitors. Where are they coming from? Which cartoon is pulling them in? It’s hard to keep track. The past few days I was getting confused with each email and Twitter reply, so much that I had to start ignoring them. The “fortune cookie” cartoon is still blowing up my emails (38 right now) to the point that I’m trying to figure out how to turn Google Plus Notifications off. Every time I get an email, Facebook notification, Twitter reply, my phone goes off. I need to sleep at point some eventually.

I’m always grateful for each view, comment and share a cartoon of my gets. I actually try to leave a comment on each share I’m aware of to thank the fan (potential fan). I’m not really crazy about tooting my own horn, but I feel being unemployed and without a huge newspaper platform to gain attention, then I need to create my own noise.

So I wake up Monday morning. I take the Beagle outside. I get an email on my phone from CNN. I saw the subject “Notification From CNN.” I ignore it because my dog decides it’s a great opportunity to steal cat food, and I don’t want him to eat cat food because that makes him puke on my pillow (but he can’t stop eating cat food. It’s like crack for dogs). After the cat food thievery attempt I check the email and CNN wants permission to use the cartoon. Well you see how that went (I love making CNN and sleeping without cat-food-dog puke in my ear). They also weren’t entirely sure the cartoon could make it as they were still writing the piece. On top of that, they said a bunch of lawyers and scary people would contact me later to properly freak me out, but thankfully that never happened. I’m sure someone will scare and freak me out at a later date.

They used my cartoon. It’s not my first time to make cable TV. Not even my first time to make CNN. But at this point in my career THANK YOU!!!! Thank you, Up Front With CNN and thank you, Jeanne Moos. It only showed for about three seconds but that’s still rock and roll.

It’s 3:00 AM as I write this and I have to draw another cartoon. This one’s going to have Bernie Sanders naked in a shower. I’m a really weird person.

And in case you haven’t viewed the video here’s the cartoon.

I have to end this blog, not just to draw a cartoon but my Beagle is doing something weird with my pillow.





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