The Gray Lady


I was telling my favorite buddy about my idea for this cartoon. He liked the idea but his only confusion was the “Gray Lady” part. When you receive any criticism you have to be honest and ask yourself the question “does this actually work?”. Is the criticism valid? Usually when an idea is criticized there is at least some truth to the criticism. Creators can be very defensive. I know I can be. After I put my ego aside I can focus on the question and I will either rework the idea, trash it, or totally ignore the concern. This time I decided to throw caution to the wind and go with the idea as I originally intended.

Ya’ see, “Gray Lady” is the nickname for The New York Times. Maybe only news heads like myself will know that. Either way, I think it still works because Hillary is old (haha) which means she’s kinda gray.

Background for dummies:

The New York Times totally messed up a story about Hillary Clinton’s emails by making it look like she did something illegal when there isn’t any proof. That was some National Inquirer type coverage. Meanwhile some crazy private group distributed a heavily edited video to make it look like Planned Parenthood has been selling aborted baby body parts so they can buy Lamborghinis.

It doesn’t matter that either story is fake. Conservatives are clinging to them like the holy gospel. So yeah. I figured if the Times wanted to slander Hillary then I’d go to town with the cartoon. I’m just surprised she hasn’t been accused of clubbing baby seals yet.

I want to thank my friend Hilary for copy editing this cartoon. No, not the presidential candidate Hillary. Hilary (with one L) told me where the hyphen goes and that it’s “Gray Lady” and not “Grey Lady.” I know it was “Gray” over “Grey” but I wanted to double check with someone I trust.

Another note: Drawing the text for The New York Times was a total be-yotch. Most cartoonists would just take an image and plant that crap on a file in Photoshop. But I’m Clay Jones and I don’t play like that. It’s all Sharpie, Bic, card stock paper, sweat, blood, grime, organic and analog here at Claytoonz HQ, baby (except for coloring in Photoshop shut up).

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