Last Image Of Racism


I have a buddy that I’ve known for over a decade. He’s always been a rock star who’s never been on stage. Tonight he debuted for the very time as a band member (vocalist/frontman) and I went to check it out. The room was packed and really hot. The music was really rocking though I couldn’t hear my buddy’s vocals. He still impressed as a frontman.

The opening band consists of other friends of mine and I always enjoy them, though I hear every. single. one. of their practices so there wasn’t anything new there for me. They’re a cover band and they did rock. One of my buds in that group has a new Les Paul and I got to check that out for the first time (I’m a guitar geek).

The middle act was a chick named “Monster” on acoustic guitar. She was really cute but didn’t really know how to play live (I’ve been there with less cuteness and more not knowing what I was doing). I had to tell the sound guy not to put her acoustic guitar into a ’65 Twin Reverb as acoustic guitars and tube amps don’t play nice together. We put her guitar through a power speaker and there was still feedback.

I miss playing live music.

Anyway, I still had a cartoon to draw so I brought along my trusty notebook. Somewhere between the loudness, beer, bourbon, heat, crowd, old friends I haven’t seen in a really long time, toilets without toilet seats, inattentive bartenders, being overcharged,  hot girls overcompensating with too many tattoos, and a room full of body odor, I sketched out this idea.

Terrible thing is I still have to draw one more cartoon by noon and it’s now close to 6:00 A.M. Somehow I’ll get it done though I really want to go to sleep now.

Here’s the rough.


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