Charleston Shooting

Last Image Of Racism


I have a buddy that I’ve known for over a decade. He’s always been a rock star who’s never been on stage. Tonight he debuted for the very time as a band member (vocalist/frontman) and I went to check it out. The room was packed and really hot. The music was really rocking though I couldn’t hear my buddy’s vocals. He still impressed as a frontman.

The opening band consists of other friends of mine and I always enjoy them, though I hear every. single. one. of their practices so there wasn’t anything new there for me. They’re a cover band and they did rock. One of my buds in that group has a new Les Paul and I got to check that out for the first time (I’m a guitar geek).

The middle act was a chick named “Monster” on acoustic guitar. She was really cute but didn’t really know how to play live (I’ve been there with less cuteness and more not knowing what I was doing). I had to tell the sound guy not to put her acoustic guitar into a ’65 Twin Reverb as acoustic guitars and tube amps don’t play nice together. We put her guitar through a power speaker and there was still feedback.

I miss playing live music.

Anyway, I still had a cartoon to draw so I brought along my trusty notebook. Somewhere between the loudness, beer, bourbon, heat, crowd, old friends I haven’t seen in a really long time, toilets without toilet seats, inattentive bartenders, being overcharged,  hot girls overcompensating with too many tattoos, and a room full of body odor, I sketched out this idea.

Terrible thing is I still have to draw one more cartoon by noon and it’s now close to 6:00 A.M. Somehow I’ll get it done though I really want to go to sleep now.

Here’s the rough.


Ditching The Flag


The first response that Nikki Haley, governor of South Carolina, should have had after the massacre at Emanuel AME Church should have been to call for removing the Confederate Battle flag from the grounds of the state capitol. Haley and several GOP candidates for president spent a few days defending the flag or trying to avoid the issue.

On Monday Haley called for the flag to come down. Several Republicans have followed suit and in Mississippi a Republican in the legislature is calling for that state to remove the emblem from their state flag.
As Haley called for bringing the flag down she talked about understanding how many view the flag with pride, as a symbol of heritage and history. Of course she had to say that. That’s South Carolina. They once threw out a Republican governor for calling for the removal of the flag.
Will removing the flag stop racists from being racists? No but will stop governments from aligning themselves with racist movements, thus appearing to endorse them.
With the flag on top of the state capitol and then on the grounds, South Carolina was giving the finger to every black citizen of their state. They say there’s two ways to look at the flag and they were only respecting the one. The one that offended. For decades they ignored that the state house also belonged to the minority population in the state. That’s some serious racism.
A lot of people use the tired defense of the flag that it’s history, heritage, honoring those who fought for the South. I’m going to try to put this in a way those defenders can understand: It doesn’t matter what you think.
Why doesn’t it matter what you think? Because you are using lies and reinterpretations of history to base your argument.
The flag didn’t have anything to do with South Carolina (or Mississippi, or Georgia) during the Civil War. The present one on the grounds of the state capitol was the battle flag for the Army Of Tennessee. The one that was on their dome was the battle flag for the Army Of Northern Virginia.

It was adopted by the Ku Klux Klan when it formed in Tennessee. In 1862 the flag was put on top of the Capitol dome in South Carolina to rebel against the Civil Rights movement and desegregation. Nice.
Here’s another factoid for you: The Civil War was fought by the South to preserve slavery. South Carolina was the first state to attack the north (Southerners love to talk about northern aggression. That’s like saying Poland was aggressive to Nazis). South Carolina was the first to secede and in their statement of secession there is heavy mention that the reasoning was because the north elected a president “hostile” to slavery. The war was about slavery. End of discussion.
That flag is not your heritage unless you had a relative in the Army of Northern Virginia or Army Of Tennessee. Hang it in your yard or fly it from your mobile home. That’s fine. Do what you want on your private property. The only other way the flag is your heritage is if your ancestors were members of the KKK.
The Confederacy had a very short life. For Southerners wanting to be proud of their heritage why do they only cling to four years of it? The Nazis and the Swastika flew over Germany much longer and you don’t see that nation clinging to that as their heritage.
The Confederate flag represents hate, segregation and hate. Unless you’re for those, put the flag away.
The other thing is, why are you proud of being a traitor?
I’d like to congratulate the GOP on joining the 21st century, some what. Where ya’ been?
Here’s the rough.