My Dixie Wrecked


Here is this week’s cartoon for The Independent in St. George, Utah.

Dixie State University is in St. George, Utah. Why is there a university named Dixie State in Utah of all places? That’s a really good question.  Utah was not even a state during the Civil War. It’s not anywhere close to be in the South or “Dixie.” Did some father of the university have an infatuation with the American South? Hell, the place used to fly the confederate flag.

There’s a bit of a movement for the place to change it’s name. Some find it offensive racially. I find it offensive geographically. You would think an institution of higher learning could locate itself on a map.

Plus, to a lot of people, “Dixie” does not give the impression of higher culture, understanding, sophistication, intelligence.

Change the name already.

Here’s the rough.


One comment

  1. I believe it’s much deeper than a flag that stands for hate and racism. I am wondering besides the United States has any other country had a war won said war and allowed the losers flag to be lifted. Also many of the beliefs on the right are also based on hate and racism. Not to mention that the right is confusing America with a religion. The United States of America is not a religion. Never has been and never will be. So that brings us back to the flag of hate and racism. They may take any action they like that damn flag is coming down. Even if its one person taking one flag down at a time. God bless you Bree. Bring it on with your treason you racist hateful people. We kicked your ass once and we will do it again…….Oh yeah God Bless.


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