Texas Biker Brawl Shootout


I had to keep reminding myself not to letter “Peter Frampton.” For some reason “Frampton” kept sticking in my head.

Dumb details: This is how a cartoonist works. I had this idea but I wasn’t sure who the biker “hero” should be, so I sought out some advice.

One of my clients is The Independent in St. George, Utah. This publication has welcomed me to the point that they have included me into their in-house Facebook discussions, which is no less than 27 chat groups (it’s actually just three. I exaggerate). They wake me up every morning over such topics as “how much snow is on Mormon Salt Romney Winter Olympic Lickity Splackity Road This Morning?” That’s good stuff.

So I knew I’d get some responses to a stupid out of the blue question from a cartoonist that would seem nonsensical. Depending on the topic, a daily editorial cartoonist can ask some obscure questions. I once freaked someone out by asking of it was possible to eat a live cat. The person I asked doesn’t talk to me anymore, but I digress.

I posed a question to my Utah friends, who were not angry with me before this blog was posted. The question was “Who would you consider a biker hero? As in a movie or rock star?” I had figured Peter Fonda. My first two responses were Peter Fonda. So I went with Peter Fonda, though I still have some doubts. I also got Sam Elliot, Marlon Brando, Dennis Hopper, James Dean, someone from Sons Of Anarchy and a friend suggested The Terminator. Fonda won out because he’s been in several biker movies and I trust my Utah friends. Plus, Fonda has been in more movies than my Utah friends have chat groups which is very impressive. Though, Peter Fonda has never woken me up and if he starts I’ll probably throw myself out a window.

The responses were quick and helpful. I appreciate and love my Utah Peeps. I counted on them a week or so ago for some copy editing help as I figured my local resources were asleep and living a life typical of a human being. A life, one of those things I currently don’t have.

So you see what I’m doing here? I poked some fun at my Utah friends but I do appreciate them. Let me state once again how awesome they are. You’re awesome, awesome, awesome and a much appreciated resource. Please keep helping me out with my stupid questions and copy editing help. Please keep sending me checks. I’m sure each and every single one of you is beautiful and smells nice (except for you know who. Yeah, that guy. We won’t say who it is, but whooo!  Smelly! He probably eats a lot of cheese).

This cartoon has a sloppy rough and here it is. Enjoy! P.S., Love you, Utah. P.S.P.S., to my ex girlfriend in Utah: Sorry about that last cartoon on the Mormon church. Have I mentioned lately that you’re awesome, beautiful and hardly ever smelled like cheese?

Oh yeah. Here’s that rough.



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