Rudy Giuliani Translator

cjones02232015America is full of covert racism. They don’t yell out the N word from the top of a mountain while waving a confederate flag. That’s too obvious. The first in line are those who say America doesn’t have racism problems anymore. These people don’t think they’re racists but neither does David Duke.

The rest are those who worry about welfare fraud over any other type of governmental fraud. There’s an entire “wink wink nudge nudge let’s attack the program that benefits minorities” despite the fact there are more white people on welfare than minorities (and the government problem with the least amount of abuse). Others attack immigration as if their jobs are threatened. and make up lies about immigrants eating up government benefits.

Over the past six years the most obvious are those who question Obama’s patriotism, where he was born, saying he’s a socialist or a Muslim and last week, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani saying the president doesn’t love his country because he wasn’t raised like the rest of us.

How are you supposed to be raised to love America? Maybe you should be raised by a felon-mob-enforcing draft dodger as Giuliani’s father was.

Do you have to be raised by conservatives to love America? There’s this narrative by conservatives that only conservatives are patriots. They can support government spending that creates massive deficits, send our troops to unprovoked wars built on lies, don’t bat an eye at how our troops are neglected when they return home, and of course, never serve in the military themselves, but they’re patriots. I guess it’s that flag sticker on their bumpers.

Apparently you can’t mention anything horrible our country has done if you love America. If you mention slavery or the interment of Japanese Americans during World War II then you must not love America. I guess patriotism doesn’t like honesty (Oklahoma’s legislature is working to keep those pesky things out of history books).

Giuliani mentioned how he was at 9/11 so he definitely loves America. I suppose if you weren’t at Ground Zero then you don’t love America. Giuliani can’t talk about anything without mentioning 9/11. He probably mentions it while ordering dessert in a restaurant (I’ll have the cheese cake which reminds me there was a serious lack of cheese cake at 9/11). The man snores 9/11.

He also mentions how Obama has apologized for America. No one has called him out on this. The president has NEVER apologized for America. Let me write that again. The president has NEVER apologized for America. Never. Ever. Nada. Go find an example. You can’t. It does not exist. It’s just another right-wing narrative brought to you again by those who don’t need pesky facts (Goebbels would be proud of the propaganda).

Since Rudy Giuliani never had a conversation with the president over his love of America (so, Mr. President, I was wondering…do you love America? Nope, I hate it along with cheese cake and 9/11) where does Giuliani actually get this idea? He doesn’t have the idea. Giuliani is practicing covert racism (also while making stuff up which has been the Republican modus operandi over the past six years).

For example: The former NYC mayor mentions how Obama didn’t say anything about Christians being beheaded in Egypt but he mentioned Ferguson. You know, Ferguson, Missouri where a black man was shot multiple times by a white cop. There were riots. It’s in the United States, unlike Libya. It affected black people. Giuliani has an issue with the president having an issue about that. If the president did mention Libya but not a huge news event in the United States of America I’d think he’d love Egypt and not America.

Rudy Giuliani is a racist. All those Republicans who won’t disavow Giuliani are supporting a racist. If you’re a black leader then you must disavow crazy comments by a black person. Same goes for Muslims, Democrats, etc. So shouldn’t Republicans disavow Giuliani for this? It’s not that Republicans are racists. It’s the fact they don’t want to disenfranchise the crazy element in their party. That crazy element is a huge voting block.

Other Republicans are asking why do we have to talk about this? How dare the media keep bringing it up! Well sorry there, guys. But it’s not the media’s fault your guy, your mayor, let crazy crap exit his mouth and then double down on it. Wisconsin governor Scott Walker (who was present during Rudy’s crazy talk) didn’t just ignore it, or refuse to criticize it or even disagree, he questioned whether the president is a Christian. Obama has said he’s a Christian. If someone tells me they’re a Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Wiccan, I’d just take their word for it. But then again, these guys are courting crazy.

I will give props to Florida Senator Marco Rubio. He did say he disagrees with Giuliani. It should also be mentioned that without being asked Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal came out to agree with Rudy.

Giuliani also mentioned how Obama is anti-colonialism. What’s up with that? Are we supposed to be for colonialism? I’m anti- colonialism. Throughout history it has always failed. It’s a dumb idea and I don’t see why being against it is such a bad thing or makes you not love America.

It’s been said Giuliani has gone into Donald Trump territory and I agree with that. All he’s missing is a bad comb over.

Now I’m hungry for cheesecake.



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