Sensitive Cop Feelings


Police shoot a 12-year old black child in Cleveland who was wielding a pellet gun. That’s not offensive.

In July a black man in New York City is accused of selling loose, untaxed cigarettes and refuses to be hand cuffed. He’s placed in a police choke hold and dies. That’s not offensive.

65% of Ferguson, Missouri is black but 92% of all arrest in the city in 2013 were black. That’s not offensive.

white-on-black homicides in states with Stand Your Ground laws are 354% more likely to be ruled justifiable than white-on-white ones. That’s not offensive.

A black man is killed every 28 hours by police or vigilantes but that’s not offensive.

Black Americans were nearly four times as likely as whites to be arrested on charges of marijuana possession in 2010, even though the two groups used the drug at similar rates. That’s not offensive.

There are only three black police officers on the Ferguson police force. That’s not offensive.

In 2013 86% of police traffic stops in Ferguson targeted African Americans. That’s not offensive.

Rudy Guiliani says black people are to blame for police brutality. That’s not offensive.

A political cartoonist (troll) I know posted a photo of protesters last week and wrote “that’s a lot of welfare recipients.” That’s not offensive.

Five members of the St. Louis Rams stage a silent and peaceful protest against the police shooting of Michael Brown that lasts seconds before Sunday’s game. The St. Louis Police Officers Association says THAT’S OFFENSIVE!

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