Introducing Clay TV

I have created a YouTube channel.

This is the project I’ve been working on for a while. It’s totally stressed me out as learning new stuff, especially techy kind of stuff, is hard for me. But, I figured it all out today. I guess this means I’m going to have to actually buy the software after my trial version expires.

Figuring out the YouTube monetary thing has been harder than learning how to make the video. One thing at a time. I’m glad to have gotten this far.

What is this channel? It’s a companion piece to the cartoons, much like the columns. I plan to create a time-lapse video of every cartoon. I’ll add a voiceover where I discuss creating the cartoon and bitch about current events. They will not run longer than fifteen minutes.

I doubt this makes me a YouTube star but I think cartoon geeks will like it. I promise it will improve over time as I become more comfortable creating these things and doing the voiceover.  Maybe hearing my voice will make people really dislike me. We’ll see.

The days of cartoonists just drawing a cartoon and sending it to their page and syndicate are over. We have to learn new things. It’s why I started self-syndicating, created my own website, write a daily column, and now create videos. Most cartoonists haven’t figured out that they shouldn’t share images of their cartoons instead of links. Other cartoonists have created time-lapse videos before, but nobody’s done it with a YouTube channel or on a daily basis. I’m a trendsetter, baby.

I think other cartoonists will copy this idea, and a few will probably do it better. I kinda look forward to seeing that.

Please subscribe to my channel. Share it with friends, family, enemies, etc.


  1. Great idea. Here’s a suggestion: you seriously need an editor to review the accompanying posts. It’s just enough of a big deal to actually warrant mentioning it. I’m good and my prices are really reasonable. Just sayin’

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  2. (This is gonna be one of my novel-length comments. #SorryNotSorry 😉 )

    1. I completely agree about the YouTube comment trolls. Rule #1 of the Internet: NEVER read the comments! (But, y’know, read mine. I’m special.)

    2. I don’t agree with the editing comment, mainly because I know you have a friend help with editing before you post. No one is perfect, your blog is funny & amusing, & you don’t need to spend money to have someone look over your work. Especially when people will do it for free at your request.

    3. One thing for which to watch out: Copyright infringement issues. It’s a big deal on YouTube. One of my favorite guilty pleasure subscriptions got in trouble because her radio was playing a copyrighted song. Also, the “Crayola” people have deep pockets & might come after you for mucho dinero if your work gets monetized. It sucks, but it’s the truth. (I don’t know much about working on YouTube, because no one wants to see my ugly mug out there, but that much I know.)

    4. Your accent is adorable. 😀


    1. Frank edits after the blog is posted. I’m not sure when he can get to it, so I post and he comes back and tells me what he found. When you see boo-boos, it’s before he got here. Also, people don’t really appeal to me when they solicit work by posting about it in the comments.

      I could get in trouble for playing music in the background but not for using crayola in the cartoon. Those are two different copyrights.

      I have an adorable accent? Don’t make me blush.

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      1. Ah, my bad. I didn’t realize he edits after you post. I’ll try to remember in the future when I’m subtly telling people to stop trying to make you feel bad to try & promote their work.

        I agree – it’s not very appealing to make a comment in a public forum, on someone else’s work trying to drum up business. It’s like people who post a comment on a post saying, “Love your post, come read my blog at [insert blog URL here].” If someone comments on my post, I’ll check them out. But I don’t like to be told what to do. LOL

        Ah, well, I don’t know much about copyright law. Although, I did work (tangentially) for lawyers too lazy to write their own web content. I can translate legalese into English, & I think about lawsuits a whole lot. 😉

        Absolutely adorable.

        If you have a public email, I’d be happy to tell you privately if I see a mistake before Frank does, or one he might miss. That offer is always out there – & my services are free. 😉


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