Shut Up Republican Style


Republican Congressman and chairman of the Benghazi Select Committee is really getting fed up with people saying his committee is less about finding out the truth of the Benghazi and preventing future incidents, and more about a political witch hunt designed to destroy Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. He’s especially annoyed with Republicans saying it’s a partisan hack job.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy bragged about Clinton’s poll numbers dropping because of the committee. To make matters worse GOP Congressman Richard Hanna said the committee was designed to go after Hillary Clinton. As if that wasn’t enough to expose the worst kept secret in D.C., a fired Republican investigator claimed he was fired because he refused to go after Clinton.

That was enough for Gowdy who later exclaimed to his colleagues “shut up.” Really. He said they need to shut up. Right on cue, Congressman Mo Brooks did something a real Mo would do, and said if Hillary Clinton is elected president, she’ll be unique as she’ll be open to impeachment on her very first day.

If he’s mad at those guys then he’s probably royally peeved at his committee member who accidentally released the name of a CIA source. Oh wait. That was Gowdy who released that name. D’oh!

I’m waiting for a Larry, Shemp, and Curly to jump into this any time now.


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