Trey Gowdy

Sticky Fingers


Yesterday, the Justice Department announced that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has indicted 12 Russians for meddling in the 2016 presidential election in an effort to support the candidacy of Donald Trump. The indictments bring the Russia investigation closer to Trump, and unfortunately for him, the only ones standing in the way to obstruct the investigation are the conspiracy-driven lunatics at Fox News and the Republican imbeciles in Congress.

The House Judiciary Committee dragged FBI agent Peter Strzok before them for a theatrical hearing to make the case that the FBI is part of the “deep state” gunning to take down Trump. Their argument is based on text messages he sent to his lover that were critical of Trump, while he was a part of two separate investigations of both presidential candidates.

Strzok argued that having a political opinion does not make someone biased. Biased is when you allow your opinion to get in the way of your work, which Strzok did not do. The evidence to that is, the FBI never leaked that they were investigating a possible Trump/Russia connection during the campaign, yet agents leaked information and there were multiple press conferences about the Clinton investigation.

There is a difference between being biased and informed. It is difficult to find a highly skilled, experienced, and intelligent professional who doesn’t have a negative opinion about Donald Trump. Don’t most investigators have a negative opinion of their subjects as they gain more information?

Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu said at one point during the showcase, “This is a stupid and ridiculous hearing.” Now, after yesterday’s indictments, we know why at least one Republican is desperate to stop Mueller’s investigation.

The indictments informed us that one Congressional candidate asked Gucifer 2.0, the Russian hackers, for stolen documents from Democrats, and received it. The report didn’t state if this candidate is presently in Congress or even what party they are a member of, but it’s kinda far-fetched to believe it’s not a Republican. If Mueller knows about this exchange, then he also knows who the suspect is.

Now, we get to play the game of guessing which Kool-Aid drinking, cultish, treasonous, Putin’s puppet of a Republican goon is going to prison. My candidates are Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan (who has other issues to answer for), Trey Gowdy, Steve King, Darrell Issa, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, and Bob Goodlatte. There are other contenders but this is my candy store. It’s really hard to pick just one sycophant.

If they all can’t go to prison, perhaps the voters can keep each of them from returning to Congress.

Watch me draw.

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Benghazi Brouhahahaha


For a bunch of people who like to complain about government spending, taxes and even the collection of taxes, Republicans don’t have any inhibitions toward spending it on wasteful partisan politics, goose chases, manufactured scandals, and witch hunts.

Republicans have spent over two years and $7 million of taxpayer money in a partisan Congressional investigation trying to destroy Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. On Thursday they released what is supposedly their final report on Benghazi which failed to be the destructive force for Clinton they had hoped it would be. All it revealed is what we already knew, that there were plenty of failures within the State Department and U.S. military, but no evidence of actual wrongdoing or professional misconduct by Hillary Clinton or any other Obama administration members. Republicans want to cry…or keep making up stuff.

The GOP spent more time on an investigation on Benghazi than they did on 9/11, the largest and most destructive terrorist attack ever committed against the United States. There have actually been seven Congressional investigations into Benghazi. The 9/11 hearings were bipartisan and weren’t designed to destroy George W. Bush. Every member of that committee, Democrat and Republican, signed off on the investigation. The Republicans on the Benghazi Committee refused to even let their Democratic counterparts see their report before they released it to the public.

Kevin McCarthy, a Republican member of the committee, even boasted months ago how the committee was hurting Clinton’s poll numbers.

The only thing the Benghazi Committee succeeded in doing, other than wasting time and money, was build stupid and ridiculous conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton, which Republicans are gullible enough to believe anyway and without having to spend $7 million of taxpayer money.

Republicans keep bringing up the names of the four Americans who died in Benghazi and have blamed Clinton and President Obama for their deaths. What the GOP has actually done is used their graves, service, and memory for cheap political gain.

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Shut Up Republican Style


Republican Congressman and chairman of the Benghazi Select Committee is really getting fed up with people saying his committee is less about finding out the truth of the Benghazi and preventing future incidents, and more about a political witch hunt designed to destroy Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. He’s especially annoyed with Republicans saying it’s a partisan hack job.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy bragged about Clinton’s poll numbers dropping because of the committee. To make matters worse GOP Congressman Richard Hanna said the committee was designed to go after Hillary Clinton. As if that wasn’t enough to expose the worst kept secret in D.C., a fired Republican investigator claimed he was fired because he refused to go after Clinton.

That was enough for Gowdy who later exclaimed to his colleagues “shut up.” Really. He said they need to shut up. Right on cue, Congressman Mo Brooks did something a real Mo would do, and said if Hillary Clinton is elected president, she’ll be unique as she’ll be open to impeachment on her very first day.

If he’s mad at those guys then he’s probably royally peeved at his committee member who accidentally released the name of a CIA source. Oh wait. That was Gowdy who released that name. D’oh!

I’m waiting for a Larry, Shemp, and Curly to jump into this any time now.