Big Game OverCompensating


So this dentist from Minnesota goes to Zimbabwe and shoots a famous lion. The jerk claims he didn’t know he was doing anything wrong while luring the lion, wearing a collar, out of a protected habitat. This isn’t far removed from shooting fish in a barrel. It’s not even hunting. It’s just killing. That’s a sport?

A friend of the dentist was on CNN defending the manly hunter. He said hunting was their heritage and it’s how they grew up. I’m sorry but I can’t believe you grew up in Minnesota hunting and eating lions. If you’re gonna shoot anything while growing up in Minnesota your targets are gonna be deer, badgers and Packer fans. Don’t cha know?

These guys also state how people who didn’t grow up in a hunting culture can’t understand hunting big game for sport. First thing, Tiny Johnson, it’s not a sport when only one person is playing. Let the lion hunt you and the only one who’ll think it’s a sport will be the lion. Second, I grew up in Louisiana. Louisiana calls itself the “Sportsman’s Paradise.” I grew up around guns and hunters. I even tried hunting when I was a kid and I failed to see the sport in it. I also didn’t like the part that entailed waking up early to freeze my butt off in a tree at 5:00 AM. So no, despite growing up in a hunting and gun culture I can’t see the desire in killing something beautiful and majestic and hanging its head on my wall. Then again, some might question whether I’m even good at being a Southern boy. I don’t even like grits.

I’m not anti hunting. I do believe it has its place. I know it helps prevent overpopulating deer. Some people actually eat what they kill. When I was a kid my Uncle Rock (he really looked like a rock) always had deer, squirrel and duck in a freezer. If you went to his house you ate. He had a gun cabinet, always locked, with guns he used for hunting. He didn’t have an AR-15 or an AK47. He mostly had shotguns and he never felt the need to carry his guns into a coffee shop or advertise he had guns. I also don’t recall any animal trophies on his walls. So there is a hunting culture that is healthy and even beneficial to the environment. Shooting a lion is not a part of that. Perhaps if some of these big game guys shot themselves that’d be beneficial the environment.

I do think these big game hunters are overcompensating for something. You really gotta have a tiny thingy and too much money to spend $50,000, fly half way around the world to kill something.  On that note, anyone who has to own a bunch of guns, brag about their guns and carry them into a grocery store has got to be really struggling below the belt.

They make pills for that. They’re blue. Look it up.

I did have another idea for this topic. I actually liked it. Its only fault was that it wasn’t insulting hunters’ and gun nuts’ penis size.



  1. I completely hate what that jerk did to the lion. I agree that trophy hunting is pretty much pure evil. One correction to your post though (which might make it worse, depending on your perspective): Initially, the guy shot the lion with an arrow. Unfortunately, that didn’t kill him, so they had to track him down and put him out of his misery.


    1. You are correct that the lion was initially hit with an arrow. However, while the cartoon is inspired and motivated by Cecil The Lion and Walter Palmer, neither are addressed or mentioned in the cartoon. The cartoon focuses on big game hunting.


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