I Dream Of Denny


Yesterday I promised my clients I wouldn’t send them another “Pool Party” cartoon today. I hope I’m not making them lose sleep.

I had already drawn one cartoon for the day (a commissioned one for The Daily Dot) when my buddy Gordon called asking if I wanted to get dinner.  I took my notebook with me as I needed one more idea and I usually get one when I talk about current events with Gordon, who’s very well informed. I really wanted to do something on the New York prison escape.

After talking to my friend I got an idea and he liked it and tried to take credit for it. Then I got the idea you see above. Here’s the rough.


Below is the first idea. Gordon liked it but liked the nightmare idea better. He showed them both to a couple of friends in the restaurant and they both preferred the car trunk idea you see below. However, neither of them knew of Dennis Hastert. I told him not to show them to fuckos who don’t keep up with current events or can’t name the three branches of government.

My buddy and I both thought the nightmare cartoon was stronger and better. He thought it was more dangerous. Well heck. That’s all I need. Gordon wanted to make it clear that he had nothing to do with the nightmare cartoon as he thought it was that “dangerous.” Eh, whatever. If I get in trouble I’ll send the pitchfork and torch wielding mob to his house. I’ve already given his address to al Qaida.



Ignore the typo. I’m lucky I didn’t get wing sauce or salad dressing on the paper.

Neither idea occurred until we were about to leave and I was thinking that bringing the notebook was a waste of time. I’m at the point where I don’t leave home without taking a notebook and pen with me. I’m always working, even when it doesn’t look like I’m working.


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