Drawing The Prophet, Cartoon For The Daily Dot


This is my latest cartoon for The Daily Dot.


When I first read that Pamela Geller was a former newspaper editor I thought “that doesn’t make sense.”

How could a newspaper editor be so misinformed to think there’s an “Islamization” of America, to state “I do not believe in a moderate Islam,” to protest an Arabic-language school in Brooklyn, and think it’s a good idea to have a “Draw Muhammad” contest.

It baffled me for a minute that a journalist could be so, well, stupid. Well that minute is over and I realize that you don’t have to be a journalist to be a newspaper publisher, editor or even owner. Besides, she came from the marketing and advertising side of the newspaper business. I can tell you from personal experience (sorry ad people) that the business people of newspapers make lousy judgement calls when it comes to news coverage or what should even go in or be left out of a newspaper. Hell, over the past few years they haven’t been very good at the business end of the newspaper business (like investing over $40 million in a new printing press when newspapers aren’t printing as much anymore. That’s how you go into bankruptcy, kids).

I also have to keep in mind that she was associate publisher of the New York Observer. That’s the classy publication that printed those Obama as a monkey cartoons.

Here’s a photo of the rough. This is how I send these things to my editor.


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