The Crazies’ Fight Against Racism


Race issues, inequality, discrimination, profiling, police harassment, racial slurs, must all be a new thing in this country that’s only been here for about seven years. I mean, that’s the impression one gets if you listen to conservatives blame Obama for anything racial.

Anytime the president responds to a race issue, like the weekly cop shooting of an unarmed black man, conservatives say he’s “race baiting.” Race baiting is when you’re stirring up trouble by talking about race. In the Civil Rights Era they called them “agitators.”

The conservative and ultra right wing response to race issues is (are you ready?) to never talk about it. That must be it. The only time they actually confront it is when they accuse a liberal of race baiting.

When a cop shoots an unarmed black man, they either don’t say anything or they get upset only when the cop is facing charges. Think about it. They never talk about race unless it’s time to defend racists and to call someone a thug.

Hmmm. Maybe that’s real “Thuganomics.”

I really get tired of white people only talking about race when cops are arrested or there’s a riot. If you’re not black how can you say there isn’t a problem? How can you say racism doesn’t exist in American anymore (and yes, many actually say that)? I hear them say all the time that they don’t understand. If you don’t understand then maybe you should stop talking about it.

By the way, the quote in the cartoon is actually from Obama’s speech on Monday.


Last week Michelle Obama was the commencement speaker at Tuskegee University where she talked about how she and Obama are treated differently for being black. She brought up a New Yorker magazine cover that depicted her with a machine gun and a huge afro doing the “terrorist fist jab” with the president.

Conservatives are upset. They’re calling her a racist for talking about race. They say she’s full of it, she’s lying and she’s not being treated unfairly. If you see these stories at World Net Daily, the Daily Caller and Breitbart and scroll down to the comments you’ll see readers call her “Moochelle” and a “tranny” and then make comments about her rear end. But yeah, she’s lying about the way she’s treated.

Actually the comments get uglier and racier.

Yesterday someone I know posted a link on Facebook for his “black” friend who he says lives in the realm of “whitey is a racist.” Well buddy, if you’re his only “white” friend who refers to him as your “black” friend, I can totally understand why he thinks whitey is a racist.

I mentioned before how a lot of conservatives don’t get irony or hypocrisy. They’re also about as good as realizing they don’t have a sense of humor about as much as they realize they’re racist.

Maybe I should have made the Obama in this cartoon Michelle.

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