The Dark Side


Yes, I’m a total Star Wars geek. When the 2nd trailer came out I totally geeked out hearing Luke’s voice “the force is strong in my family” and then I about hit the roof when Han and Chewie showed up at the end of the trailer.

I spent two hours or so in a facebook chat with my son about where Star Wars is going. I am proud that my son is a Star Wars geek like I am. He doesn’t really get into guitar playing or art like I do….but the kid knows Star Wars.

When “A New Hope” came out in the 70’s my mom was in jail. My older brother took me to see the movie. In the 90’s the original trilogy was re-released in theaters (with updated effects and outtakes) and I took my son who was seven-years-old at the time. I have done one thing right with my son. He loves Star Wars. He doesn’t give a crap about Star Trek which proves the Force Is Strong In Him. That’s my boy.

I drew for The Daily Dot, an awesome publication. Click the link. They have a lot of good stuff there.

Yes. The Force is strong in my family. I have a Padawan who can prove it.

I spent a lot of time on this cartoon so I’m going to share the black and white version.


And here’s the rough.


That’s on my drawing board, which I’ve had since I was 17-years-old.

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