Good Riddance



As soon as news came out that Attorney General Eric Holder will be resigning the tweets from Republicans were fast and furious.

Congressman Darrell Issa, that gem of a public servant who’s wasted so much tax-payer money on fruitless investigations, tweeted that Holder is the most divisive Attorney General ever.  It’s divisive when you push for American progress.  It’s divisive if you push for gay marriage or at least move the government away from restricting it.  It’s divisive if you want equal treatment for all.  It’s divisive if you fight against anti-voting laws.  It’s especially divisive if you would like to see the police in this country stop pulling people over for driving while being black and being shot for being black.
The most ridiculous thing (OK, these are Republicans and it’s hard to find what’s MOST ridiculous) is that anyone who points out racism gets labeled by the right as race-baiters.  If you point out a cop shot an unarmed black kid then your’e the racist for going there.  White Republicans really care about race when they feel a white person is being mistreated by a minority or the press.  Sometimes I don’t know if I should laugh or smack myself in the forehead.
President Obama didn’t really press race issues during his first term unless you want to count the Beer Summit.  He’s our first black president and with that I’m sure he didn’t want to be labeled as just a black president.  Eric Holder was the man on the forefront of pushing against discrimination.
Republicans will point out how he was held in contempt by Congress.  They’ll point at the fake scandals they created and try to slur Holder’s record for it, and judge his successor the same.  But history is going to show that Eric Holder as a pioneer who worked to move this country forward.
He’s been labeled by the Right as an activist Attorney General.  I’m glad he was.

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    A bit shout out and thanks to my friend and D.C. resident Kathy Mannix (who does exceptional work for the charity Cartoons and Cocktails which benefits student journalists and oppressed cartoonists in violent regions) for pointing out that this cartoon made The Washington Post Saturday. Thanks, Kathy.


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