About As Much…



Obama got some flack this week for saying ISIS, ISIL, The Islamic State (whatever their name is depending upon which news service) is not an Islamic organization.  Of course conservatives are up in arms over that as if “isn’t it obvious their an Islamic group?”.

A lot of these people say “Islamic” terrorist speak for all of Islam, that it’s a violent religion.  Never mind that most Muslims will tell you it’s a religion of peace.  Those kind of people know everything.

If you point out an abortion clinic being bombed in the name of Jesus, or the huge terrorist attack on a government building in Oklahoma City in 1995 was committed by a “Christian” or that the fun folks at Westboro Baptist call themselves Christians, then those critics of Islam will roll their eyes and state those nut jobs don’t represent Christ.

Do you know what makes it easier to state which ass heads are representing what religion?  When the offending ass heads don’t look like you.

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