Life After Bob


After former governor Bob McDonnell was convicted of 11 counts of corruption Virginia’s politicians rushed to close the many loopholes in the state’s ethics laws.  As we all know whenever a politician makes a lot of noise about doing something…well….they make a lot of noise.

The current governor, multi-millionaire, Terry McAuliffe issued an order for himself and his staff preventing them from taking gifts worth no more than $100.  The General Assembly limited a few gifts to no more than $250.  Of course that’ll exempt meals, trips, entertainment like NFL games, the golf Masters Tournament, etc.

The defense of lax ethics laws is that businesses need to get close to lawmakers.  That’s an argument that a lawmaker only listens to people with money.  It’s too bad they go to Richmond and do the job they’re paid and elected to do without the incentive of extravagant gifts.

What else can we expect when wolves legislate wolves?

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