Trump Rally

Razing Arizona


We have set the bar so low that after last night’s Trump rally, we’re overlooking one question that should be obvious: What the hell is Donald Trump doing campaigning for president?

During the airing of grievances at last night’s hate Festivus, Donald Trump portrayed himself as the one who has suffered the most from the White Supremacist rally in Charlottesville. Yeah, Heather Heyer was killed by a Nazi, but did you hear how the “fake news” slandered Trump?

Looking up from that low bar, Trump was praised for being presidential Monday night when he delivered his speech on Afghanistan. The low bar is that we have become accustomed to a president who delivers a speech at a third-grade reading level.

During Monday’s speech, Trump talked about hate and that we need to heal, or was it “heel?” He pivoted Tuesday at his rally in Arizona and told us that we need to continue with the hate.

Trump went into full snowflake mode and whined about how the media mistreated him over his comments on Charlottesville. He then read his first response to Charlottesville and selectively edited out the part where he said blame belonged to “many sides,” or when he said there were good people who march with guys who shout “blood and soil” and “Jew will not replace us.”

I always wondered what sort of person falls for the Nigerian prince email scams until I saw Trump supporters defending their guy on news talk shows. I know we’re not supposed to call them stupid, but if you’re still supporting Trump at this point, you’re a dumb-ass.

Trump has faith that his supporters will not watch the news and see that he revised history, and even misquoted himself. He’s correct. His supporters get most of their news from right-wing sources, like their friends’ memes on Facebook. These are the same idjits who spent two years answering “Mexico” each time Trump asked “who’s gonna pay for the wall?” Now, they don’t recall Mexico paying for the wall as any part of that proposal while Trump stands before them now, threatening to shut down the government if Congress refuses to give him the billions needed to build it.

Trump lies and his audience buys it. He even said the crowd of protesters outside the rally was small, trusting his base to believe his words and not their lying eyes (Great. Now I just put an Eagles song in my head).

Trump spent the majority of his 75-minute speech crying about his mistreatment by the media, bragging about crowd sizes, how he’s accomplished the most of any president, attack Arizona senators Jeff Flake and John McCain (never mind that the latter is fighting for his life against brain cancer), bragged that he went to “better schools” and lives “in a bigger, more beautiful apartment” than the “elite,” talked about ditching the North American Free Trade Agreement, referred to anti-racist protesters as “thugs, and accused the media of hating our country. Of course, he gave the same tired drivel about The “failing” New York Times, The “Amazon” Washington Post, and CNN.

Trump’s speech was preceded by four other speakers (like Pence and Ben Carson) who each vouched Trump wasn’t a racist. Trump apparently found that a challenge and let out the wolf whistle about “heritage” and then subtlety hinted that he will pardon racist and former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. Well, about as subtle as Trump’s taste in decorating the Oval Office and his penthouse.

After his speech, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said it was frightening that Trump had the nuclear codes. Pundits were questioning his sanity with one wondering if he was suffering from early stages of dementia. Trump’s supporters defended him by pointing out that he gave speeches just like this throughout the 2016 presidential campaign. That’s not a good defense. Many of us thought he was losing his mind back then.

One small comfort to take from this rally is that Trump started to lose his crowd. They started conversations with each other while he was talking, stared at their cell phones, or left the building entirely. Hundreds of people flocked out of there like it was a Jacksonville Jaguars’ home game in the fourth quarter.

Trump’s base has been very loyal while the rest of the nation and even Republicans in Washington are bailing on him. Even with their loyalty, next time Trump might want to bring shiny objects to keep their attention.

Creative notes: I don’t even like this cartoon anymore. I started drawing around 3:00 A.M. and finished at 11:00 A.M. At this point, I never want to see it again.

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Maduro Madness


Every time I see footage of Trump’s West Virginia rally from last week I think to myself, “Man, I really wanna piss those people off.”

Although Trump has a low approval rating at 33%, he still has strong ratings from his base of sycophants, like what we saw in West Virginia. The two most visible aspects that stood out to me were; they were entirely white, and they ate up every piece of bullshit Trump sold them.

Trump’s largest margin of victory came in West Virginia. His support is so strong in that state that the Democratic governor just switched to the Republican Party (let’s just forget how well Republican governors have done in Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Kansas. I’m sure it’ll work this time). His supporters at that rally believe the Russia investigation is “fake news,” the Justice Department should go after Trump’s political opponents, and that the coal jobs are coming back.

Trump does not care about the well-being of the people in West Virginia. He only cares about the people in West Virginia worshiping him. It explains why he hasn’t held a rally in a blue state or even ventured west of the Mississippi river since winning the election.

Trump’s supporters are the people who fell for the con. They cheered Trump on when he said he wouldn’t have time to play golf, take vacations, or even leave the White House, like Obama did. Now that Trump is on a three-week-golf vacation, his supporters fail to note the hypocrisy. They also fail to take note of Trump’s hypocrisy from this very morning, as he tweeted that polls giving him low ratings are “fake news polling,” yet proclaimed, “Trump base is getting stronger!”, which he probably gathered from the same polls.

If you are an authoritarian shouting “I am your voice” and “I alone can solve it,” then you probably need to surround yourself with “yes” people, even if it’s thousands at a West Virginia campaign rally three years ahead of the election.

Trump loves his authoritarian buddies and is envious of their powers. All he can share with them is a base of worshipers while abusing his office for personal wealth and power.

He’s envious of Turkey’s Erdogan and his ability to destroy the opposition, including the press. He wishes all his critics would silently disappear much like Vladimir Putin’s, who accidentally contract food poisoning and trips off the roofs of tall buildings. He admires the Philippines Duterte, who can kill “bad guys,” one of which was a mayor, without the hassle of trials, courts, and juries.

President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela should be a prime candidate for Trump’s clubhouse, except he’s a socialist. Like Trump, Maduro practices nepotism (Maduro’s wife is deputy of the National Assembly and his son is Head of the Corps of Special Inspectors of the Presidency and Coordinator of the National Film School). Maduro has ruled by decree, which means he makes laws without the assembly, which Trump probably dreams of after his failed attempt at repealing Obamacare and Congress placing sanctions on Russia. Maduro is a big fan of conspiracy theories. He’s homophobic, calling opposition members “big faggots.” I don’t know why they have to be “big.” Lastly, he really likes to use the presidency to enrich himself.

While Trump claims he’s working for free, the Secret Service has to pay him rent to protect him. Also, you don’t really believe all government officials who travel with Trump stay at his resorts for free, do you? How many people have been in the foreign entourages that have stayed at Mar-a-Lago (How about that? Taking money from China.)? There were also the times Kellyanne Conway used the White House to pimp Ivanka products and plugs for Trump businesses have been posted on government websites. Let’s not overlook that Jared’s family is using his position to recruit investors in China.

As Venezuelans continue to riot against Maduro on a daily basis, he clings to power through his “rule by decree” and use of the military. The only thing stopping the guy from receiving an invitation to Bedminster are the accusations he’s a drug dealer, and the fact that he’s a socialist. Commies are bad.

If you want to be an authoritarian and get a free pass from the United States in 2017, you gotta be a capitalist.

I want to thank everyone who has donated in the past. Your support helps me continue creating cartoons and columns with a little less stress in my life. Between competing syndicates with much larger resources, timid editors, and Trump supporters who attempt to intimidate the editors who do publish anything that criticizes their idol, it’s a challenge to make a career out of this. So your support (if you can) is appreciated. Want to help me continue to create cartoons and keep doing what I’m doing (pissing off conservatives)? Look to the right of this page and make a donation through PayPal. Every $40 donation will receive a signed print. All donations will receive my eternal gratitude.

Enemy Of The State


Donald Trump tweeted that the media is an enemy of the American people.

Every president has despised the press at some point, if not constantly. For being such a supposed liberal institution you would think Democratic presidents like Clinton and Obama would love the press, but no. They hated the press too.

Trump doesn’t just hate the press. He needs to frame them as the bad guys. Republicans have always done that but stating they’re an enemy to the nation, as if they’re not better than al Qaida, is irresponsible and reckless.

A free nation requires a free press. The limitations on the press tells you a government isn’t free, like Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, and North Korea. Journalists worldwide are imprisoned and murdered for doing the job of providing information to a nation’s citizens.

The press makes mistakes. The press has freedom to make mistakes and those responsible will correct them. You’re allowed to be angry with the press. That doesn’t make you a bad person. People in the press get mad at the press. However, the press does not have a liberal bias. Facts have a liberal bias.

Donald Trump doesn’t like the press because they report facts. Donald Trump doesn’t tell facts. Donald Trump tells lies and everyone in his administration is a liar. They don’t like people who point that out. Trump would prefer that he create lies such as a terrorist attack in Sweden and have everyone accept whatever bullshit coming out of his mouth as irrefutable facts.

Their model is to tell lies and then tell their supporters that those telling the truth aren’t just the opposition or bad guys, but enemies to the entire nation. That sounds like something from an Orwell novel.

Trump supporters don’t read Orwell, history books, or read anything much at all. As insane as Trump’s comments and strategy may be, his supporters eat it up. They are on Team Trump for the long haul.

How dare Donald Trump tell lies and paint those who point it out as villains. The man is a bully. Telling American that a free press is their enemy is a strongman tactic. It’s not the tactic of a president who intends to be a leader of free people. When you lose a free press, you start to lose freedom.

In the 1950s a United States senator from Wisconsin, Joe McCarthy, held hearings to expose communists in our nation, specifically in the entertainment industry. He had a lot of supporters. It was their way to deal with criticism. It ignored our Constitution and overlooked the fact (there’s that word again) that you’re free to be a commie in America. Most of those accused were not communists. It ruined lives. It spawned the term “McCarthyism” which means to demagogue. That’s exactly what Trump is doing.

Donald Trump would rather paint his critics as terrorists than use a strategy of winning with the truth. Lies are easier for Trump and to be honest, they’re working with his base.

Any conservative journalist who agrees with Donald Trump, or defends his statement, isn’t just an enemy of a free press. You, like Trump, are an enemy of America. And that’s a fact.

Update: After a crazy week and a crazier weekend I’m all good. For the most part. Saturday morning my internet was fritzing out so I published my cartoon using the WiFi at Sheetz. I must work OK under pressure as that cartoon will be in USA Today this Monday (right now. Go buy one).

I was really getting frustrated with internet this weekend. It went out at home. I go to Sheetz on Saturday morning and the WiFi works but it’s really slow. That sucks when you have to upload four files. I moved to a new home Sunday night. I don’t have a desk at my new home and I can’t draw on my lap or sitting up in bed. So I went out last night to an establishment where I could place my drawing platform on a table. Yeah, their internet worked with everything but the device I used to draw the cartoon. I couldn’t upload it.

I was a day behind posting to GoComics which I felt really bad about. I’m very consistent with them. I also wanted to publish my latest cartoon for The Costa Rica Star. So I return to my new digs where I’ll spend my very first night. But first, I want to upload files and publish. I can write and size files while sitting up in bed. The WiFi provided…I was given the wrong password. I finally received the correct one around 5:00 AM.

I want one normal day. Please. Let things run smooth tomorrow. Let me work. Let me have WiFi. Let me not have drug dealers knocking on my window at 2:00 AM. Let me remain unstabbed. Is that too much to ask?

Four things I did do successfully yesterday. I drew a cartoon. I moved to a new home. I helped a friend change a flat tire. Finally, I restrung the string through the hood of a hoodie. That, my friends, is a serious accomplishment.

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Accusers Get Verified


Donald Trump brought his locker room talk to his rallies this week.

First he called his accusers “horrible,” “sick” and “phony,” and then he insinuated they’re not attractive enough for him to violate. What a moral and upstanding defense.

Regarding Jessica Leeds, who has accused Trump of groping her on a flight, he said “Yeah, I’m gonna go after — believe me, she would not be my first choice, that I can tell you.” Good to know he has a violation-worthy  grading scale.

Trump also called another accuser, former People Magazine reporter Natasha Stoynoff, a “liar” and added, “Check out her Facebook, you’ll understand.” The crowd really liked that one and they laughed and laughed. She’s not pretty enough for…haha. Get it?

Since he was on a roll insulting women for their physical appearance he couldn’t leave out Hillary Clinton. Speaking of last Sunday’s debate, he said “and when she walked in front of me, believe me, I wasn’t impressed.”

I totally understand women like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama aren’t Trump’s type. They’re Yale and Harvard educated. He’s not in their league. But since we’re out there insulting women’s looks let’s fully punch that ticket on the crazy train and create a conspiracy theory. Choo! Choo!

Trump has decided that all these accusations are being masterminded by a Mexican billionaire who pulled out of a deal with Trump after the GOP nominee said “Mexico sends us rapists and murderers.”

Carlos Slim is one of the richest men in the world. He is so rich that Trump’s income is as comparable to his as mine is to Trump’s. You do not want the income of an unemployed cartoonist (Seriously, somebody bring me a sandwich).

They say that Mr. Slim is so rich and owns so many companies that you can’t go a day in Mexico without contributing to his wealth. Trump, who may not even be a billionaire, has to hate that. It’s probably why he has to put his name on everything. Though a “Slim” casino may not be very enticing.

Slim is a contributor to the Clinton Foundation (Sniff. Sniff. Conspiracy). One of the properties Mr. Slim has a stake in is The New York Times (why am I not in on this conspiracy and getting some of that Mexican billionaire money?). He is the largest private shareholder with 17%. Being a shareholder doesn’t mean you write the headlines but Trump swears there’s a conspiracy anyway. Never mind the fact that other accusers have been revealed by The Washington Post, People Magazine, The Palm Beach Post, and a few TV stations, that Slim Richy does not have any financial stake in (I had to play off “Slim Shady” somewhere in this post).

Trump really hates the idea that a Mexican (of Lebanese descent which probably makes it worse) is meddling in a U.S. election. Dammit, that’s for the Russians to do. He also blamed the “global business elite” and bankers. You know, Jews. Wink. Wink. Nudgy. Nudgy. If there was truly a global financial conspiracy against someone, wouldn’t Trump have gotten the invite? The guy hasn’t been living in cardboard boxes.

Getting back to the whole accused-for-sexual-harassment thing, Trump said anybody can be accused. Just like that time he told his supporters that if they punched a protester at one of his rallies that he’d pay for it, Trump said “even Obama can be accused by anybody.” Then he repeated “anybody.” Yes, anyone at all. Just about any ole little body. Just one person…who might need a tiny little push. A push by tiny little Cheeto fingers.

The problem with finding somebody to accuse the president is that he’s not a jerk like Trump. Not to mention if there was an angry female out who was groped by Obama then wouldn’t they have found her while they were hunting for that pesky birth certificate?

But Trump is big on degrading women. He wails about the injustice received by Bill Clinton’s accusers, then he trops them out for a sideshow photo-op. He’s gone on Howard Stern in the past and graded them with numbers while saying a “flat-chested woman can never be a ten.” That’s another thing guys stop doing after college. The score thing, yeah we don’t do that. Trump still does. We also don’t check out ten-year-old girls on escalators and say I’m gonna be dating her in a few years.” Yeah. Trump does that too.

Trump is so stupid he doesn’t understand how his latest defense doesn’t work. If someone’s not attractive enough for him to harass does that mean he does harass them when they do meet his neanderthal standards?

I’m gonna go with “Yep!”.

I had fun with this cartoon as all the terms here made me giggle. They’re really stupid. Stupid can be funny, like Donald Trump. “Eye Broccoli” was new to me as I had never heard that one before (I research stuff). And obviously I took “man hands” from Seinfeld. I do feel a little self-conscience since I’ve done so many Trump cartoons this week. I wanted to compare with a few other cartoonists so I counted how many Trump cartoons in a row three of my colleagues, who are also my favorites, had drawn. One of them had done four. Another had done five. And one of them has, at this point, done fourteen.

Fourteen. So leave me alone about drawing too many Trump cartoons.

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Someone Let A Cartoonist Into A Trump Rally


Yesterday I attended Donald Trump’s rally in Fredericksburg, Virginia, my hometown.

The Trump campaign announced the event on Thursday and I immediately went online to get a couple of tickets. I also applied for press credentials but for some reason they denied me. They didn’t like my “Naked Trump” cartoons? It was OK not receiving press credentials as I wanted to mingle among the freaks, I mean, Trump supporters. The first thing you want to do when going into a snake pit, a lions den, or a giant flaming outhouse, is bring a friend.

So I asked a friend, then another friend, then another friend, and then another friend. I couldn’t understand why none of my friends wanted to go. I put out a feeler to my friends on Facebook. None of them wanted to go but some had really good excuses, like they had to stay home and manscape that day. Several people who fled the city said they would have gone with me if they were in town. It’s like I sent out invitations to visit a leper colony.

Finally a friend wanted to go, but it was more like I was leaving him a ticket which meant I was still going alone. Then, someone I had asked previously changed her mind and we went together.  And it was perfect as not only is she one of my favorite people, but I got to go to a Trump rally with a liberal Jew named Hilary.

We expected to have a lot of fun and unleash our sarcasm and mockery. Hilary wanted to used a pseudonym. We didn’t intend to cheer, boo, or protest. We wanted the experience. We wanted to give the Trump fans respect. We also didn’t want to go in announcing we were not voting for Trump.

The line was pretty long and it was in the heat. We didn’t see many signs or screaming people at the beginning. There were some individuals collecting signatures to steal your social security and the Trump team was recruiting volunteers while people sweated in line. Then the salesmen came.

The people selling Trump schwag were not with the Trump campaign. If we were smart we would have bought umbrellas and written Trump on them. We would have made a killing.

The people were very nice. Well, nice for hating Hillary Clinton and President Obama. They were talking about their views in line, like Clinton should be in prison, Black Lives Matter is a bunch of racists, and Northern Virginia will go for Trump. What?

We didn’t see any protesters until we left and they were a small group down the street. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a photo of them as were moving and they were standing by a stop light at an intersection. We did see a lot of man buns. What’s up with man buns? When is that going away?

We ran into a few people we knew, who were Trump people. We took photos of those in shirts and outfits we found interesting and I asked permission each time. Everyone said yes. They were proud.

None of them could give us a good reason they were supporting Trump. All we heard was that he’s rich, successful, going to make American great again, and that Hillary Clinton is a liar and should be in prison.

The Expo Center, where the event was staged, can hold 3,400 people according to its website. To be honest, it was about half full. Security staff said 3,600 people were admitted and hundreds more were outside (and when we left there were people still in line). There weren’t any chairs except for a few to the side for the elderly and handicapped. Many people chose to sit on the floor and we joined them for a while as we got tired of standing around for several hours. I was surprised the campaign wasn’t selling pins, buttons, shirts, inside. There were two vendors selling BBQ sandwiches, pretzels, chips, candy, and soda.

Everyone we encountered was friendly and though we rolled our eyes a bit at what they said, and found some of it hateful, we didn’t find it an atmosphere with negative energy…and then Trump came out. The mood changed really quickly.

Remember the third Indiana Jones movie where he and his dad end up at a Nazi book burning in Berlin? I’m not saying it was that hateful but it did come to mind when the “lock her up” and “build a wall” chants started.

Trump, who many in the crowd described to us a genius, came out and said to the Fredericksburg crowd “So Fairfax, on Nov. 8, you’ve got to get out and vote.” At least he didn’t think he was in Michigan, which is where the campaign had put Fredericksburg a few days before.

He told the seven black people in attendance that he wants the GOP to be home for black voters again. He complained about Obama’s “ransom” to Iran, “Crooked Hillary,” and that Tim Kaine was never popular as governor which I found interesting since Kaine was elected to the senate afterward. Currently with Kaine on Clinton’s ticket, Virginia is giving them a double digit lead over Trump in the polls. Which polls? All of them.

And then we left. After about five minutes of Trump barking and the crowd sounding kinda like a Nuremberg rally, we knew we didn’t fit in and it was time to go.

I spent the rest of the feeling dejected, disappointed, and kinda nasty. Hilary wanted to go home and soak her entire body in sanitizer. Trump is going to lose this election by astronomical numbers. The problem is that those people at the rally will still be around hating. And they’re in my community.

trumprally22This was the first group we encountered with a banner. They were more than happy to pose for us.


She was very happy.

trumprally23 trumprally24

Five bucks for a button. I think the hats were $20 and these entrepreneurs were selling them from a car which allowed for a quick escape each time security came around.


I actually know this kid. He was a student of mine ten years ago when I taught a summer class at a local elementary. I didn’t realize it was him until after I took the photo and he called me out. Hi, Colin. Good to see you again. You grew up.


This very pretty girl really hates Hillary Clinton.


This gentlemen was serenading the line with a tune about freedom, eagles, and waving flags. He as playing a Fender. Geeks like me notice things like that.


These very young ladies really want a president with balls. I hope they didn’t see those statues.


This was near the stage and yet they were able to pop a squat.


Others chose to lean against the wall. As I said before, there weren’t any seats.


The media pit. The journalists at the right end of the first table are from my former newspaper, The Free Lance-Star. That’s Jeff Branscome seated and Suzanne Carr (exceptional photographer) standing. I totally forgot the name of the other reporter as he was hired after I was laid off. I couldn’t find Hallie Jackson from MSNBC so I didn’t do any stalking.


I did find Betsy. I asked to take her photo and she insisted I be included. This is the first photo I’ve posted of myself in a few years. I’m really anti-selfies. It’s not a selfie if someone else takes it. If 3,600 people got into the event, then Betsy was photographed 3,600 times. She even took a pic with FLS photog Peter Cihelka. I didn’t get Betsy’s number but I think Pete might have.


Hilary took this photo. These shorts were really tight. Be glad we did not take a photo from the front. OK, this is the only person who wasn’t asked if we could take his photo.


Another Clinton fan.


The campaign was handing out these signs. The idea is everyone will wave them and it’ll be seen on the news stations. We took one but after a couple minutes we had to give it back as our hands were burning.


I could not get a good pic of Trump (can anyone?) and Hilary captured this one. As you may see, we got teleprompter Trump.


Here’s another photo taken by Hilary. Now if anyone wants to argue crowd size, here’s proof. This was not taken before Trump started speaking. This was taken WHILE Trump was speaking. You could have had a basketball game simultaneously. Half empty building yet there were still people in line. Trump spoke for about 40 minutes and I hope everyone waiting outside got to see him for a second. See how much empathy I have? I hope the hateful got to see their fascist hero.

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Judging Colors


Donald Trump is a racist. People are hesitant to level that charge, even while stating they disagree with one of his several racist comments, and we should be reluctant to slap that label on someone. But when you keep making racist comments you’re a racist. What does it take for Republicans and the press to finally realize Trump is a racist? Does he have to burn a cross at the GOP convention? Trump has gone beyond being merely insensitive and ignorant.

A lot of people accused George W. Bush of being a racist. He wasn’t. He just didn’t care about anyone except those with money. Trump doesn’t care about anyone but the rich, but he judges people by the color of their skin or their religion. He’s a hater.

Trump has a 1950’s view of race. He refers to other ethnic groups as “the Blacks” or “the Hispanics” all while saying he loves them. He believes posing with a taco bowl demonstrates his open mindedness. He refers to someone as “Pocahontas.” He points out an African-American at his rally as “my African-American,” which also points out there’s only one black person at a Trump rally. He wants to ban Muslims from entering the country. He accuses Mexican immigrants of being rapists and murderers though he assumes “some are good people.” He refuses to renounce white supremacists who endorse him and says he doesn’t know anything about them or David Duke, even though he has a history with them. Trump has investigated Obama’s birth place and questioned his legitimacy. He’s called upon Obama to release his college transcripts while not calling for any of his primary opponents to release their transcripts or even release his own. He recently tweeted a photo of black Trump supporters, which turned out to be false. After Black Lives Matters protesters were roughed up at one of his rallies Trump said “maybe they should have been roughed up.” When two white men assaulted a homeless Latino man, while shouting pro-Trump rhetoric, Trump stated that they were “passionate.” So were Emmett Till’s murderers

He labels an Indiana-born judge hearing his university case as a Mexican, but it’s OK to be a Mexican, just not a Mexican judge hearing a case where a white person is the plaintiff.

Isn’t it great that Trump thinks it’s OK if a person is a Mexican, as if there’s some choice in the matter? I’m sure I have left out an example of Trumps racism.

A lot of Trump surrogates will point out that Trump has hired minorities. Strom Thurmond used to sleep with black women and even fathered a child with one and he was still a racist. Who you know, marry, sleep with, do business with, is not a race get out of jail free card. The black-friend defense does not work anymore.

What Republicans need to ask themselves now is: How much integrity are you willing to sacrifice for politics? The same day that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said he would vote for Trump he had to distance himself from the nominee’s racist comments. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was asked at least three times by Chuck Todd on MSNBC on Sunday if Trump calling for a judge to be removed because of his race is racist. The only answer McConnell could give was that he disagreed with it. He couldn’t even say yes or no, which means yes and he’s a coward.

Republicans are looking at what’s best for their party, while this could end up destroying their party even if they win the White House. What they’re not looking at is what’s best for the country. Oh they hate Hillary. They hate Hillary so much they’ll elect an ignorant, blowhard, buffoonish, racist conman to the presidency. But hey, we stuck it to the Clintons.

Trump is a racist. Republicans and the press need to acknowledge it and take it from his own words. No talking points have to be created. The only group he hasn’t slurred yet are the Oompa Loompas and that’s only because they share his orangeness. Hopefully nobody takes that idea from me for a cartoon. Crap, I just got another Trump cartoon idea!

I hope that all those who are sacrificing principles for Trump are remembered for their cowardice and their willingness to sacrifice the nation. We should never forget where they stood when it was time to stand on the right side of history. I believe if I was very conservative and wanted extreme limitations for the federal government, I would still be more afraid of a Trump presidency than what Hillary Clinton will do to this country.

You can disagree with Hillary Clinton and not want her to become president without your supporting blatant racism, or even covert racism (though the covert part is fading).

By the way: If Trump wins the presidency he will be impeached. He already believes he’s above the law. How big is his head going to blow up after he’s president? What will he attempt to get away with while sitting in the Oval Office?

I am tired of drawing Trump so much. I’ve written that before. Yet I love drawing Trump cartoons. Is this what it’s like to be on crack? I love it. I hate it. I love it. I feel the need to send a note with this cartoon to all my newspapers that I’ll cover other subjects this week. Hey, that Tuesday primary should be interesting on the Democratic side. I still want to draw a cartoon on violence against Trump supporters.

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Master Debater


Ted Cruz’s campaign is going so bad, he’s being heckled by children. It’s not entirely new territory since he’s already debated Donald Trump, but still.

A child yelled at Ted Cruz during one of his rallies, “you suck!”. Ted attempted to talk to the child and said that children speaking like that in his house would receive a spanking. The audience wildly applauded the spanking suggestion. What is it with spanking and public bathrooms that get Republicans so excited?

Someone really smart once said “it’s difficult to win an argument with a smart person and damn near impossible with an idiot.” I’m paraphrasing but you get the idea. That’s a lesson I haven’t learned and apparently, neither has Ted Cruz.

Cruz took it upon himself to debate a group of Trump supporters, whose style of arguing mostly consisted of screaming “Lyin’ Ted” to Cruz’s face. It reminded me of every time I attempted to debate with a conservative. You can’t win.

Ted has a speaking style where he pauses in mid sentence. That only encouraged the Trumpsters he was trying to reason with as at one point Ted said “the question is often asked…” he paused and then one of the hecklers interjected to finish his sentence with “are you Canadian.” Good stuff.

Ted Cruz is a good debater. He was lauded for it in college and on the campaign trail. Until he met Trump, all of his previous debating experience was probably with reasonable people.

You might be able to have a discussion and sway the mind of a casual Trump supporter, but not the fully committed (those who should be committed) who wear the gear and attend a Cruz rally to heckle.

I’ve done enough Cruz cartoons over the past week. Hopefully he’s not fully knocked out of the race Tuesday night, which would make me draw another. I’m sure Trump will say something “interesting” tomorrow night.

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