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Megyn Bails On Fox


Megyn Kelly, who once had a segment on her show that Santa Claus is white, has bolted Fox News for NBC. If you hashtag her name on Twitter you’ll see how the Fox audience is taking it. It’s not pretty.

Megyn has been considered by many as the only real journalist in Fox’s opinion-heavy evening lineup with her show in a schedule with Bill O’Reilly and Trump water boy Sean Hannity. Many others have criticized Kelly for being as much of a right-wing troll as her cohorts.

This puts Fox, the ratings leader, in a jam as they now don’t have a female, one who challenged and fueded with Trump, to work in prime time. They’re still rebounding from losing Gretchen Carlson and Greta Van Susteren and the sexual harassment lawsuit against former Fox leader Roger Ailes (another Trump sycophant). Will the entire lineup of opinion shows at Fox now consist entirely of Trump ball washers? Well, yeah.

Fox wanted to keep Kelly so bad they were willing to pay her $20 million a year. Money wasn’t the only issue for her as she will now be hosting a daytime show and one in the evening on Sundays. She will have a more diverse audience at NBC instead of the conservative white guy fan base Fox attracts. It may take her awhile to find her steps and realize they shouldn’t be of the goose variety.

Kelly has a history of being a racist demagogue. She then attorney general Eric Holder wouldn’t investigate black Americans accused of criminal activity. She helped perpetuate the myth of Black Panthers intimidating voters at polling stations.

During the episode of “white Santa” she also said Jesus Christ was white. This is really important to these people. It’s really odd that people get up in arms over the race of a fictional character (Santa, not Jesus. We’ll argue that another day). It reminds me when the Council of Conservative Citizens freaked out that Idris Elba, a black actor, was cast to play a Norse god in Thor. What’s next? Boycott the Minnesota Vikings because they have black players?

Kelly also defended racist emails exchanged by officials in Ferguson, Missouri, which included a joke about a man seeking “welfare” for his dogs because they are “mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue who their Daddies are,” as normal. She argued that every workplace exchanges emails of that nature. My god what the hell are they swapping back and forth at Fox News? She might be in for a culture shock at NBC. Let’s see what happens when she sends Rachel Maddow an email gif of Obama as a monkey.

She has cried about an anti-cop thug mentality in black communities. Invited racist former cop and evidence planter Mark Fuhrman on her show to assist her in dismissing police shootings and brutality. I’m sure this daytime show is going to be a humdinger.

Fox News will now have to find another sleeveless blonde to be sandwiched between O’Reilly and Hannity. I can see why Fox would have to offer $20 million to entice a woman to assume that position.

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Roger Ailes Sugar Butt


Oh my stars! A tawdry political cartoon right before my Jesus-loving eyes! Here come the night sweats! Cover the children’s eyes or they’ll never be right again!  Cancel my subscription! Fire the scalawag who produced such a horrid abomination! 

Feel free to cut and paste the above paragraph and send it to any of my clients who actually run this cartoon. It’ll save you some work. I wanted to use a different term that included the word “sugar,” but it will be hard enough for my editors to convince themselves to run this.

I took a little creative license with this as I doubt many people who frequent strip clubs would read a newspaper during their visit. I’m assuming. I wouldn’t know from experience. I’m a good boy. Every time I ever visited New Orleans I stood outside the clubs and prayed for all those inside.

So Roger Ailes it out at Fox News after 20 years of changing, innovating, and ruining cable news. It’s his fault we have all these news talk shows.

It is true that he changed the business that CNN started. His network also became the ratings leader after 9/11 and hasn’t dropped it since. He didn’t move cable news into a direction of improving coverage. CNN and NBC (shared with MSNBC) actually puts more focus into coverage. CNN has 33 international bureaus, NBC has 11, and Fox News…..four. They have less interest in gathering news than they have on spinning it.

Ailes started up Fox News for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation with the slogan “Fair And Balanced.” That was their wink wink nudge nudge to “we’re going to say stuff conservatives want to hear.” From a political scorecard judged by PunditFact in 2014 of statements they chose to study (which means it’s not covering every little thing said on the networks), CNN is at 22% with statements that aren’t true. NBC/MSNBC is at 45%, which is “Wow! That’s a heavy dose of BS!”. Fox News, the “Fair And Balanced” network, comes in at 58%.

It’s also hard to say you’re “fair and balanced” with a straight face when your CEO, this being Roger Ailes, was a Republican strategist, who kept advising Republicans, and even had Fox News donate money to Republicans. When they were selling the Iraq War to Americans during the buildup, Roger Ailes was in the White House telling George W. Bush and Dick Cheney how they should spin it together. That’s not news. That’s activism.

Fox News released their pundit Gretchen Carlson who then sued Ailes for sexual harassment. Fox News said the accusations were lies, thus increasing their falsehoods from 58% to a healthy 98% (I made that number up). Then a bunch of other women (I’m assuming they’re women) made the same claim.

Then there are reports that Fox News biggest name also made a claim that Ailes had sexually harassed the star. Seriously, I just don’t buy that Bill O’Reilly is that attractive, but whatever turns Roger on….no wait. It was Fox News’ second biggest name, Chris Wallace. Again, I’m lying. It was Bret Baier. I’m blaming it on the clothes he chose to wore so it’s not Roger’s fault. I’ll stop. It was Megyn Kelly. Greta Van Susteren said “what’s sexual harassment?”.

Fox News was doing an internal probe (get your minds out of the gutter, you bunch of Beavises) but after Kelly’s confession that probably sealed Ailes’ fate. Megyn’s a star and one of the Fox News pundits/anchors who actually gets respect from the rest of the media. Plus, you’d rather have her around the office than Roger Ailes, especially on sleeveless-shirt Fridays at the NYC Fox News HQ.

I think Fox News could have prevented this entire thing if they had just put as much focus into Ailes as they did North Carolina bathrooms.


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Trump Vs. Kelly


Donald Trump is skipping the next GOP debate. He’s upset with debate moderator, and the host, Fox News.

He’s still sore Megyn Kelly asked him if making sexists, derogatory remarks toward women is presidential. How dare she. He feels it’s unfair. A lot of people have pointed out that he can’t handle Kelly and he’s afraid of her. Others say it’s more about Fox News, which he’s appeared on over 130 times since he’s announced and he appeared on Wednesday night. Fox News sent out a very snarky statement regarding Trump skipping their debate, which for a news organization, wasn’t very professional.

I don’t blame Trump for not being in love with Fox’s statement but I do think he’s afraid of intelligent women. Why do you think he marries super models and hangs out with Sarah Palin? Hillary Clinton, who withstood the Benghazi committee’s questioning for eleven hours, will eat Trump alive.

The biggest reason Trump is skipping the debate is that he wants to control the format. If anyone else skipped the debate it would hurt their exposure. For Trump, it’s increasing. Trump is controlling the format and the dialogue.

I posted a question on social media yesterday asking if I should draw on this topic, or the Bundy militia (not that I won’t do both). Some people brought up a very valid point that I shouldn’t give any exposure to Trump. I appreciate that anyone would believe I’m influential enough to have an impact on the national conversation. But Trump isn’t in the conversation…he is the conversation.

I get comments on the way I draw Trump’s hair. At first I felt it was a bit too much and it doesn’t really look anything like his hair, just a representative that he has ridiculous hair. But all the comments are positive and most of all, I found I don’t have to put a label on him. The hair is the label. Speaking of hair, Megyn Kelly got a haircut which meant I had to put a little more research into this cartoon.

My last two cartoons were kinda hard hitting so I wanted to tone it down a bit with my next one, thus I frighten my clients. While the hard hitting stuff on police shootings and anti-choice terrorists do very well on the internet, not always great for today’s newspapers which makes me sad. My next cartoon will probably be on the Bundy militia and I can’t promise how scary that will turn out. Stay tooned.

Here’s the rough.


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Blazing Paranoia


Earlier this week a fan on social media shared one of my cartoons and said it was “Monty Pythonesque.” That’s high praise.  Today I decided to steal from Mel Brooks’ movie Blazing Saddles. A true classic.

Obama wants to reform the judicial system. He’s not the only one. A lot of Republicans want to also, though they might want to go about it differently.

The president has ordered the release of 6,000 non-violent prisoners convicted of drug charges. Releasing 6,000 will not make much of a dent in our prison population. And despite the fears of a lot of conservatives like Bill O’Reilly, it’s not a threat to society.

The United States has the largest prison population in the world. Many of those are non-violent drug users. This is insane. Rehabilitation for many of these prisoners would be a lot more cost effective, and better suited for prisoners and society, than sitting in a cell.

We do need to reform our judicial system. There are three parts I believe in.

We need to legalize marijuana. It’s no more of a threat than alcohol and it’s not a gateway drug or something that kills people or ruin lives.

We need to end mandatory sentencing. Judging should be left to judges, not legislators.

We need to end private prisons. No one should be making a profit in punishing people. What’s next? For profit executions?

Back to this prisoner release: Some of them will end up back in prison. You can’t have a group of 6,000 of group without someone getting in trouble. It’s going to happen and then look for the likes of Bill O’Reilly to paint it as a Willie Horton situation.

O’Reilly played the race card. He says there’s a racial component for Obama to release these prisoners. On a recent show of his he said this is driven by race with Barack Obama. I know it is. I know it’s race: The cops are huntin’ down inner-city black dealers. They don’t care about the white collar dealers. That’s what’s motivating this.

This is why everyone who watches Fox News is angry. They need to stop scaring old white people like that.

Here’s a couple of roughs I played around with before I settled on my final idea.

WP_20151103_001 WP_20151104_001

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Fox Buys National Geographic


Rupert Murdoch’s Fox corporation has bought a majority stake in National Geographic. The first concern is Murdoch will take away all of the magazine’s coverage of climate change, since Murdoch is a denier.

My first idea was to draw native women, topless (which National Geographic is famous for) and to have the nipples censored with black squares. Then I remembered my clients are family newspapers and they might shriek at such an image. Not that they’re all going to love the caricature of Obama with a bone through his nose.

This cartoon took a while to create. I started around 11:30 PM (while watching Colbert) and finished up around 3:30 AM.  I didn’t leave any white borders on the original which made me have to figure some stuff out with coloring. The original looks kinda unique. There’s a very worthy auction for charity coming up and this cartoon might end up there. They requested a specific cartoon a few months ago which I can’t remember.

I really enjoyed drawing the bears and I always love drawing sharks.

Trump’s Thin Skin


I don’t think I have ever seen a candidate as thin-skinned as Donald Trump. He complains he’s not treated fairly. He states if you’re not nice to him then he won’t be nice to you. If he’s not treated fairly by the GOP then he might run a third-party campaign just because his feelings were hurt. He attacks people who ask him tough questions, which you know is going to happen if you’re running for president. It’s going to happen more and more if you’re the front runner. This is only August, 15 months before the election. Is Donald Trump going to whine all the way to the White House?

He might. He gets support for being a big baby. A lot of people support him attacking Megyn Kelly (for asking an “unfair” question). They support his attack of everyone.

He’s also getting a bit more criticism but that’s because he’s taking on Fox News. This is going to be fun.

A couple nights ago I was watching his interview on CNN and was wondering what statement he’d make that’d create headlines. He didn’t disappoint. Trump made a comment about Kelly saying that while questioning him during the debate “blood was coming out of Megyn Kelly’s eyes and blood coming out of her wherever.”

Shortly after he was barred from attending a Republican summit in Atlanta because of his sexist comments. Of course the guy who barred him has often made his own sexist remarks. Trump was OK insulting Rosie O’Donnell, Obama, liberals, Mexicans, etc. But attacking a Fox anchor, oh the humanity.

This “punishment” will only rally more people to defend Trump and give Trump another excuse to say he’s being mistreated.

If elected president (play with me here and pretend it can happen) is he going to insult world leaders? Will he be Whiner In Chief?

I don’t think that Georgia conservative group should have prevented Trump from speaking. He’s a major candidate, like it or not. He needs to be heard, misogynistic comments, warts and all. This is actually an attempt by the GOP establishment to defeat him. That’s going to help him.

You don’t need to hang Trump. You just need to give him the rope. Eventually he’ll hang himself. He’s gotta!

Oh my god, I just kinda stood up for Trump.

On another note: Yes, I know. Fortune cookies aren’t really Chinese. They’re an American invention.

Here’s the rough.


Sexism and Misogyny In The GOP


Did you see the debate? Megyn Kelly asked Donald Trump about his horrible comments toward women. Kelly said “You’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.” Trump responded that he’s only used those terms on Rosie O’Donnell, as if that’s OK. Kelly pointed out that he’s used those slurs on other women, as though using them on just O’Donell is OK.

After the debate Trump went on the attack on Megyn Kelly, calling her unprofessional and not very good (while reminding us that he’s terrific, very good and he won the debate, everyone loved him, and he smells better than Old Spice and pumpkin pie).

The other GOP candidates on the stage didn’t want to be associated with such sexism and misogyny and criticized Trump for his disparaging remarks against women, during the debate and after. I made that up. They remained silent on the issue.

Being a sexist-misogynistic pig will not hurt Trump among the GOP. The party is full of fellow pigs. They have cultivated this among their base. Their poster boy is Rush Limbaugh who calls women “feminazis” and “sluts.” They wonder how they could create such a monster as Trump after years of drawing not just sexists, but racists, homophobes and in general, knuckle-dragging-cave-dwelling troglodytes. Hmm? How could that have happened?

I can think of at least three conservative political cartoonists who constantly illustrate Hillary Clinton as ugly. I can dismiss that as most caricatures are ugly (and I’m fully aware I often get criticized for the way I draw women). But then they make comments toward her looks, as though a 67-year old woman is supposed to be a supermodel. I imagine these guys have pinup posters hanging on their walls of their grandmothers.

Earlier this week a conservative colleague drew Hillary Clinton as a witch. Yeah, that’s not sexist.

The thing is, these guys don’t know they’re being neanderthals. To them it’s funny. This is why conservatives suck at humor. They should stop trying. Just stop.

But ya know, if they’re not smart enough to figure out why women have stopped voting Republican then they’ll never figure out the part about exhibiting some humanity.