Knocking While Black


Republicans suck at optics.

While Georgia governor Brian Kemp was signing a bill into law making it harder for voters to vote (including a provision that criminalizes giving water to voters in line), surrounded by a bunch of white men underneath a painting of a plantation, a black women was outside the door being arrested for knocking on it.

Representative Park Cannon was knocking on the door when Georgia State Troopers arrested and frog marched her from the building. Cannon is a Democrat who represents a district in east Atlanta, and she was protesting with several other Democrats. She was told to move away from the door she had knocked on several times. After being told to move away, she knocked on it again.

What the State Troopers did was ridiculous and racist. Park Cannon did what the late Georgia congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis would describe as “good trouble.” Fortunately for her, the cops didn’t crack her head open like they did to Lewis.

Cannon asked while being grabbed by the cops, “Why am I under arrest? There is no reason for me to be arrested. I am a legislator!” The cops did not answer her, probably because they hadn’t decided what to charge her with yet. That’s a southern police tradition. Arrest black people and decide the charges later.

They finally came up with obstruction of law enforcement and disrupting a session of the Georgia General Assembly, which amounts to two felonies. Plus, those two charges sound a lot better than “knocking while black,” which was she was actually arrested for.

The entire incident was caught on video and show Representative Cannon wasn’t threatening anyone and wasn’t much of a disruption either. I get phone calls about my car’s warranty that are more disruptive than what Cannon did. I wish someone would frog march those fuckers.

Senator Raphael Warnock visited Cannon in jail, which makes me want to know how long they kept her in jail. Warnock compared it to the Trump terrorists who invaded another capitol building, the U.S. Capitol, that wounded at least 140 cops and left one dead. He said, “I want to know what makes her actions so dangerous, and the actions of those who were trying to undermine an actual election so benign in the minds of some politicians.”

If you ever defended those terrorists, I want to hear you defend Cannon. C’mon, you racist fucks. Do it (I say “fuck” a lot when I get angry. I also say “fuck” a lot when I’m not angry).

Racist Republicans in Georgia and across the nation know they’re losing the ability to win elections. That’s probably because they’re racist. Instead of washing away their racism and promoting policies that are at least not harkening back to the Jim Crow era, they’re doubling down.

Racist Republicans are doing everything they can to make voting while black illegal. And if you’re black and you have something to say about it, they’ll make that illegal too. If you don’t believe me, ask Representative Cannon, who was literally arrested for knocking while black.

In 1955, Emmett Till was murdered in the deep south for supposedly whistling at a white woman. Since Cannon was only arrested, congrats to Georgia whites for all the progress they’ve made.

Creative note: Yes, I use quotes from Blazing Saddles all the time, especially this one. Also, geeky techy note: I forgot to add a layer before coloring this cartoon but that worked out. In my art program, water color, which I used, doesn’t smear the ink. Others like acrylic do. And in case you don’t already know, all my cartoons are created entirely on a digital platform. There is no actual ink or paper.

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  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Add another one to the list … KNOCING WHILE BLACK!! … in the state of Georgia!! “What the State Troopers did was ridiculous and racist. Park Cannon did what the late Georgia congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis would describe as “good trouble.” Fortunately for her, the cops didn’t crack her head open like they did to Lewis.”

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  2. Clay Jones,

    Three items:

    Great cartoon. I’m ready to go to Atlanta and hand out water myself. I think 100,000 of us should show up and get arrested.

    I also think the Coca Cola boycott should start now. I just crossed “Simply Orange” oj off my shopping list. If Coke, Delta, UPS and Aflac all start to speak up, maybe it will start to mean something.

    My astute 24 year old daughter disagrees with you that “Republicans suck at optics.”

    She says the Republicans got exactly the optics they wanted–that their Jim Crow optics were exactly beamed to their Jim Crow-loving white racist voters. She says we’re naive if we think otherwise.

    I think she’s right.

    Meanwhile, up here in Michigan, the chair of the state GOP called the 3 female top elected officials–Gov. Gretchen Whittmer, AG Dana Nessel, and Sec. of State Jocelyn Benson– “witches” who should be “softened up” before being “burned at the stake” in the next election. (I’m sending the Detroit News video separately.)

    These three women mostly laughed it off in public because, you know, if they’d reacted otherwise, they’d be blamed for not being able to take a joke. The Gov’s spokeman made a more serious statement.

    Ron Weisel is a Regent of the University of Michigan, which had no comment. Of course, he is worth 4.6 billion from his real estate company and has donated 100 million to U of M in recent years.

    Thanks again. Keep up the great work. Hang in there, Zoe Koosis Ann Arbor, MI.

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  3. The Republicans and the broader fascist community imbibe racism like they’re stuffing their faces at a hot-dog-eating contest. Their paleface cheeks are still bulging with Black racism while they shove in more Asian racism, Latino racism, and Native American racism. They prey on women as if women were another race, or perhaps prey on races as though they were women. They torment animals, too, as though they were women and races both, snare-trapping, poaching, and maybe carting carcasses to the weigh-in stations if they’re feeling generous. Consenting to count your desd is a favor.

    Native Americans are justly revealed as victims in the march of Anerican Manifest Destiny, but earlier, in the 1600 and 1700’s, they made a pretty good account of themselves, gobbling up goodly portions of white settlers, including even Abraham Lincoln’s paternal grandfather. The Indians recognized genocide when it showed up, but white immigrants breeding like bunnies wete too much for them.

    Dragging a handcuffed legislator, from an event to which she was invited, with no more discussion than a steer might share with his butcher, is another sort of cultural genocide, that never takes a day off.

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  4. Not only disgraceful, but impudence piled on top of stupidity. When a legislator is prevented from legislating, I do not care what colour or gender, then heads have to roll. If they all happen to belong to Repuglygarbagecans, then it is only what they deserve.

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  5. Scottie, I saw where the former republican party is blaming Democrats for playing the Jim Crow card on these restrictive voters rights laws. Yet, it was none other than Michael Gerson and David Brooks, two conservative pundits who wrote and spoke of the republican party’s bigotry. It was Robert Reich who penned a piece about the party’s focus on lies. I agree with all three of these gentlemen on these issues. The party has chosen a path of lies, conspiracies and fear. They must live with this choice. Keith


  6. i see the blue lies mafia criminal getting fired! and possibly charged for his crimes.
    as for the charges against Park, they will get thrown out faster then last nights whore!


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