If you had a pulse today you heard of the passing of Mary Tyler Moore.

I had two concerns with this idea.

The first is, there will be several cartoons of her tossing the hat in the air. I hope mine is a twist of an obvious idea.

Second, MTM was no idealistic feminist in real life. She refused to join Gloria Steinem’s feminist movement and in later years considered herself a libertarian. She was even a Fox News viewer and a fan of Bill O’Reilly. See, people? I research.

I talked the idea over with one of my more intelligent colleagues and he came to the same conclusion I had. That is her character from the MTM show is a feminist icon, whether the real Mary Tyler Moore likes it or not.

So the idea made it after all. See what I did there? I’ll stop now.

This was a very quick cartoon. It took less than 30 minutes. Even the file is small.

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