Liberal Paradise


I drew this for Friday’s edition of The Costa Rica Star.

I’ve always found it really stupid when people say they’re going to move out of the country if their side loses an election. Nobody ever does it. Rush Limbaugh promised to leave the United States for Costa Rica if Obamacare lasted five years. He’s still here.

Celebrities always make the promise too, and they never live up to it. Maybe some justify it by having expensive beach homes in Costa Rica (which many do) but are only vacation homes to them. Mel Gibson lives there.

But what are they running away from? If Rush Limbaugh had fled the U.S. he would have been alarmed to discover Costa Rica has a national health care system. Likewise, if liberals flee to the Central American nation they’ll discover there’s no legal marijuana, abortion is illegal as it’s a very religious Catholic nation, and gay marriage is frowned upon by that same religious majority. But prostitution is legal so there’s that. Confused yet? Might explain that Mel Gibson thing.

You still have Canada if you’re a leftie but it’s a safe bet the beaches are nicer in Costa Rica. And if you’re a right winger, you have Somalia which has no government.

It’s cowardice if you want to leave. I’ve had two half-hearted invitations (which were probably jokes, but they sounded legit) to Canada and France. While both sound very lovely I’m going to stay in my country and fight.

Don’t like election results? Stay and fight for change. Yes, these are very dangerous times. Monsters are running the government and they want to strip freedom from the citizens, starting with the press. I’m fighting that.

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  1. I think the phenomenal turnout for the march yesterday dispels any fears that any of us are going to, as GW Bush was fond of saying, cut and run. Trump has awakened the sleeping tiger and we want our country back!!

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  2. Strange as it sounds, moving to another country is infinitely easier than staying here, picking up the microscopic pieces of our democracy, & putting it back together into a functional, Constitution-loving, working government. Everywhere we turn, there’s another threat to someone’s rights – to call it “overwhelming” might be the understatement of the day.


  3. I agree. Trump is here and he’s real and he may be the worst, most dictatorial-minded mistake we’ve ever stumbled into putting in charge. And congress is at least as dangerous a nightmare of bad intentions. But stop acting like crybabies and start working, hard, to kick Trump, Pence, and this gang of thieves off the playing field for good. Here’s a little song to help put you in the mood. Play it. Sing to it. Pass it on. Scream your anger!

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