Live Blog Election Night 2016


Refresh the page all night long for updates.

Election day is here. Did you vote? I haven’t yet. Will do so soon. Tonight my exclusive brand of snarky, smart ass humor will be on display all night long with very rough and quickly-drawn cartoons along with commentary. I’ll also update and report some news in case you’re not glued to a TV. I even made a graphic header thingy for the blog so people can have a point of reference.

We’ll kick things off around 7:00, maybe sooner, maybe later. It depends on what happens. You just don’t know do you?

Final prediction: Hillary Clinton wins the election with 322 electoral votes. Trump has a conniption fit and his supporters go on TV to Baghdad Bob it and tell us he actually won. Gary Johnson finally discovers Aleppo. Kramer finally finds that chicken in his apartment. There are other things happening besides the presidential candidates so we’ll have lots of topics to cover.

You read it here, folks. And if you think Trump is going to actually win this election I’m really open to making some wagers.

See you soon.

And it begins!!! 5:00 PMliveblog1

5:42 PM. The only selfie I approve of. I’ll post another in four years.


8:01 PM.

States called for Trump: Indiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma.

States called for Clinton: Illinois, Rhode Island, Vermont, Delaware.

8:23 PM

Marco Rubio just won re-election to the job he hates, said he wouldn’t run for again, then changed his mind.


8:49 PM

Republicans are projected to keep the House. Impeachment proceedings will begin tomorrow.


9:04 PM

Trump wins Louisiana, Alabama Texas, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Arkansas.

Clinton wins New York, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

9:29 PM.

The map is scaring Democrats. Florida is tight as expected with Trump in the lead and not sure if Democratic areas have enough votes for Clinton to over take it. North Carolina is kinda the same way. Very surprising is Virginia but we need to wait on the suburbs of D.C. Hillary still has her path to 270 without any of these, but it’s much harder.



10:00 PM

The Dow has dropped 500 points over fears of Trump winning. As I was drawing this Clinton pulled ahead in Virginia. I saw a friend on Facebook freaking out because of all the red states going for Trump. At this point Trump has yet to win something he wasn’t expected to win. Calm down, America.


10:34 PM.

A lot of people are freaking out. A lot of Democrats. Clinton may lose Florida and North Carolina but she just won Virginia and Colorado. Trump took Ohio. This election may be decided in Michigan. But it’s too early to freak out in you’re a Democrat.



As it stands now Clinton has 209 electoral votes. Trump has 187. He just won North Carolina which surprises me.


11:38 PM

OK. Now it’s getting scary. Trump has won Florida.


12:16 AM

Ugh….This can’t be happening. Are we really this stupid? Are we really handing our country to these people?


12:40 AM

This is not a joke. Other than the stock market crashing, and freezing, the website for Canada’s immigration has crashed.


1:21 AM

There are still eight states that haven’t been called yet, but it’s not looking good for Clinton. It’s not looking good for America or the world.


1:54 AM

Celebrate, Trumpers. I was flattered that a few chose to goad me as their first reaction to this “potential” Trump victory. I’m glad they think so much of me. They’re laughing as their country is burning.


2:36 AM

I’m still here. I haven’t fled the country yet.


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      1. Why would we have expected this GOsh DArNED election to get over quick?

        It’s going to be like a 5 year old doing his best dying scene in a game of Cowboys and Indians!


      2. Michigan: I have seen this election as being in part the desire for a Madam President. But I forgot that it is also “We don’t want a woman for president!” vote as well.

        That’s what I think is happening in Michigan.


      3. As to the Claytoonz, First, the selfie, 2 years! 2years! Not 4 years! The Mid Terms are CRUCIAL.

        Wall street. I really like that freehand. There’s a different charm from the ones maybe you put more work into. And yet it seems more disciplined than usual.


      4. I’m in for the duration. Did I ever tell you the time I was in Paris for the Carter Election?
        My sister worked for Sipa Presse and we hung out at the headquarters of the International Herald Tribune! I was 18. It’s Paris, so it’s six hours ahead. The first returns come in at 2 AM.

        I drank some high number of ccs of Chivas. I just remember trying to pick up some old lady (it was LATE) and then she told me her husband (the Marine standing over there) wouldn’t like that.

        Anybody got good election night stories?


      5. Utah went for Trump? I thought the Mormons weren’t going to vote for Trump! [s]Hypo…[/s] no! No attacking, here


      6. CBS can hardly hold their shock! The disappointment is very evident.

        I can’t bring myself to watch Fox Business.


      1. Well I certainly hope you will get to. Don’t want to see any Trump Wins cartoons . . . or hear his voice ever again.


      1. Hey, while I’m at it. I can’t do the “Like” thing. It’s not that I’m not appreciative of all of us here.


  1. I love your posts & I’m so glad that you decided to do live election-night special for us. In fact, I’m avoiding all live media except this post.

    But, reading all those states going for Trump (yes, I know, it doesn’t matter if the electoral college numbers…blah blah blah) is depressing. The worst-case keeps creeping to the forefront of my mind. 😥


    1. Worst-case keeps creeping to the forefront of my mind. — Boy doesn’t it just. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a presidential candidate, in my entire life, who worries me as much as he does.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Ariel Lynn

      November 8, 2016 at 9:38 pm

      Same here. I’m just a few millimeters short of panicking.

      “Millimeteres:” Lookit Ariel practicing her Canadian terms!

      Liked by 3 people

      1. ROTFLMAO! I hadn’t even thought of that (despite threatening to move to Canada since Trump started campaigning)! Honestly, I just know that millimeters are really, really small.

        Thank you, I needed that. Quite possibly the first time I’ve smiled since 8pm.


  2. I don’t know if it should make you feel better or worse that Clinton won the popular vote.

    It is past time to get rid of the electoral collage. It was supposed to make candidates pay attention to the smaller states, but they pay attention only to the swing states anyway. And this is the second time in 16 years that the “winner” is not the one who got the most votes. I see absolutely no justification for that.

    And now again I spend the next four years commenting that “No, the American voters are NOT responsible for this jackwagon….”


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