Angry Hair


Voter fraud is an outrage and a serious problem. Millions of illegal votes being cast to put Obama into the White House would surely destroy this country and the Democratic principles this country was built on. Godzilla eating Tokyo sucks too. If either of those had ever actually happened I would be the first cartoonist in line to fight against it.

Funny thing voter fraud. There aren’t millions of illegal votes being cast. Not even thousands. When a few cases of voter fraud turns up it turns out to be Republicans. That doesn’t stop the GOP from making accusations that an I.D. is needed to vote because it’s the only way Democrats are elected. They did the same thing with Iraq. They invaded the country and today they blame Obama for terrorists running amok in the Iraqi desert.

There’s only one reason to demand voters to show an I.D. at the polls and that’s to suppress minority voters.

I’ve heard people equate showing an I.D. at the polls to having to show an I.D. to rent a movie and other such business. It’s a crappy comparison. You don’t have a constitutional right to rent a movie of weepy vampires and werewolves in love. Also, that’s a business and the owner has a right to know who’s taking their property home. Voting is every U.S. citizen’s right. Even the crazy ones. On top of all that why should anyone have to pay to cast a ballot?

We tried that once in the deep South after the Civil War. It was used to keep minorities from voting and it took us 100 years to repair.

There are other ways Republicans might look into to win elections outside of bright red districts and states: Get some good ideas. Maybe stop pushing ideas that discriminate. Stop your war on women and pretending there’s a war on Christmas. Stop giving welfare to corporations and fighting efforts to feed children. This list could get really long but I think you get the idea.

Oh yeah, it also might help if you didn’t nominate ridiculous people for president like Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney or Ted Cruz. Though that would really make my job easier.

Carry on!

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