Wish You Were Never Here



Eric Cantor spent his entire tenure in Congress fighting for Wall Street while ignoring Main Street and his 7th District.  He did finally use his connections on Wall Street to create a job.  That’s not plural.  He created A job…for himself.  It was so important that he couldn’t finish his lame duck term in Congress.  I totally understand looking out for yourself and there’s times in your life when you have to.  A congressman is supposed to be looking out for the people who elected him, the people he represents, his district, his country.  Cantor did a Palin and quit early for the bucks, after he, like Palin, assumed there was nothing left to gain personally by staying in his elected office.

Cantor was already working for Wall Street.  He worked on tax policies favorable to big investors and he worked on deregulation.

Cantor’s office is on Wall Street while he’s creating another in Washington.  He says he’s still going to live in Virginia.  Don’t worry, Eric.  The ruse is over.  You’re already home.  Thanks for nothing.


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