Kim Jong-Un

Praise Of Despots


Donald Trump has the insecurities of a teenage girl whose daddy won’t give her attention. Russian president Vladimir Putin is aware of this and played on Trump’s ego.

Do you know the qualification of a good person in Trump’s mind? If that person says something nice about Trump. Yeah, he’s a murderer, invades nations, suppresses the press, but he’s a “real leader”.

Putin stated Trump is “bright and talented.” Trump ate that up. When it was brought to his attention that the man dishing out the compliments was a tyrant, Trump stated he was a real leader unlike Obama. A former KGB figure is a better leader than a champion of freedom and inclusion in Trump’s mind.

Putin is clever. He knew exactly who to play on to insert himself into the American election. The GOP’s top candidate ate it up and thinks it’s a good thing. By the way, David Duke has nice things to say about Trump also. Go eat that up.

Republicans, this is your front runner. What is wrong with a party where the majority of its members support Trump, racism, bigotry and xenophobia. Basically, support stupidity. Of course this is the same party where 30% were recently polled in favor of bombing Agrabah. Agrabah is the fictional nation in the Disney film Aladdin. Hey, it sounds Arabic so we should bomb it just in case…even if it doesn’t exist. What would have been funnier would have been if they didn’t do the poll, and had asked Trump if he would bomb Agrabah.

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North Korea’s New Time Zone


You may have missed this story. North Korea has created it’s own time zone. This puts North Korea 30 minutes behind South Korea and Japan, thus adding to the centuries it’s behind the rest of the world. A lot of people consider this the North’s snub to Japan, who did brutalize Korea during it’s imperial run throughout Asia.

Korea’s time zone was set by Japan in 1910 when it colonized Korea. South Korea actually went back to this time zone between 1954 to 1961, then changed back because it worked better financially to have the same time zone as Japan. There is still some efforts to return South Korea to the former time zone.

North Korea doesn’t just have it’s own time zone. They have their own calendar. Instead of counting from the birth of Christ, they count from the birth of founding leader, Kim Il Sung. Kim was born in 1912 — known in North Korea as Juche 1, making this year Juche 104.

With this cartoon idea I needed 12 ideas. I had 12 but I thought I’d fish from a few friends to see if they had any suggestions. I sent out a text and a few made submissions and they all deserve shout outs as I have used a few of their submissions in here. The shout out will be the only compensation they’ll receive.

My friends who put their stamp in this cartoon is Chris Fink (we used to be in a band together) Gordon Johnson (the only guy in North America not on Twitter or Facebook and probably the most politically-knowledgeable person I know), Kenny Ellis (my ex wife’s husband and the only one with a Rodman suggestion), Bobby Hebert (we worked together at The Free Lance-Star and he’s a humor writer of sorts who I knew would take a crack at this), and Eric Hennessey (very creative guy, world traveler, Republican atheists and one of my best friends). I asked a few other people but they didn’t come through. I’ll probably get texts with excellent ideas from them tomorrow.

I didn’t troll my cartoon pals for ideas. I’m not that stupid.

And the “eat dog” part is my idea. It’s not a stereotype or insult toward Asians. It’s a they’re-starving-in-North Korea insult.

If you have any suggestions, leave a comment.

Creepy Elf On A Shelf


I have only drawn two cartoons this holiday season with any reference to Christmas. I have NOT drawn anyone sitting on Santa’s lap. Avoiding cliches is kind of a promise I make to myself.

I do plan to watch The Interview later tonight. After all this brouhaha I have to see it.

Team America, Exclusive Cartoon for The Daily Dot

dailydot12242014I actually drew a cartoon on Dick Cheney and terrorism for The Daily Dot this week. It was a very risque cartoon commenting on rectal feeding. My editor at the Dot thought it over and approved it. By that time my mind had changed and I thought it would be better to do something on the hacking of Sony by North Korea. After all, The Daily Dot focuses on internet related news. They give me free range on topics but I thought this subject would be better for them.

I still like the Cheney butt cartoon and may post it in the future, at least the rough.

Check out The Daily Dot for a lot of really great content, in addition to my cartoons. Starting in January I’ll start drawing three cartoons a month for them.