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One of the conspiracy theories being spread by the Qanon cult is that Washington is run by a bunch of Satanic worshipping pedophiliac cannibalistic Democrats. The irony here is, it’s the Republicans in Washington, and everywhere else, who have sold their souls to the devil.

Do you know why they’re rushing to put Amy Coney Barrett on the court now, before the election, and not wait until the next presidential term? Because Republicans may not ever be here again.

Donald Trump won the presidency by catching lightning in a bottle. The GOP won the White House by the slimmest of margins in three swing states that are now looking like they’re going for Biden. Trump was also assisted by Russians and bad timing and judgement by the director of the FBI. Donald Trump landed in the White House while the majority of Americans voted against him. Can he do that twice? It’s not looking good for him. It’s not looking good for Republicans. Donald Trump is about to go down and take them with him.

In 2018, the Republicans lost the House by a huge margin picking up 41 seats. While the GOP retained the Senate, and even added a few seats, 12 million more Americans voted for Democratic Senate candidates than Republicans. America is rejecting the policies of the Republican Party.

While I wouldn’t bet that America is swinging wildly to the left, it’s rejecting the Republican policies of division and hate. A majority of Americans are pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, and pro-heathcare. The majority of this nation are not racist.

The GOP has spent the past four years catering to the least-informed, to the stupid, and to the racists. They’ve all sold their souls to Donald Trump. They’ve been losing ever since.

What did the Republicans sell their souls for? Federal judges. So far, they have confirmed 218 federal judges since Donald Trump took office. Nine of these confirmations were rated “not qualified” by the American Bar Association but they’ll be right-wingers on the bench for decades. But it may be a very long time before Republicans get any more.

The federal courts don’t represent the rest of the nation. Most Americans aren’t as right-wing as our courts. Our elections prove that. But as our nation moves to the left, the courts will remain rigidly on the right. We’ll have religious cultists like Amy Coney Barrett to deal with for decades.

And these courts don’t look like the rest of the nation. Despite the high profile of appointing a woman to the Supreme Court, only about 25% of Trump’s judicial nominations are women. Trump’s appointments are 85% white. And for the appellate courts, not one appointment has been black. Remember, during a trial over his fake university scamming people, Donald Trump said the judge wasn’t fit to preside over the trial because he’s “Mexican.”

Keep in mind, these judges were nominated by a president (sic) the majority of voters rejected, who was impeached, and was aided into his office by Vladimir Putin. We have federal judges who were selected by a guy who shouldn’t be trusted to make his own selections from the kids’ menu at Denny’s. We have judges confirmed by a Senate most Americans have rejected. And these lifetime appointments were mostly approved by a slim majority. The two new Supreme Court Justices couldn’t win 60 votes, so Mitch McConnell changed the rules. Amy Coney Barrett will most likely fail to win 60 votes, but she’ll get enough to serve on the highest court in the land for the rest of her life. No one should serve on a federal court who could only get votes from one party. We should not have lifetime appointments who only got by with the bare minimum required.

With a huge defeat looming in the next two weeks, Republicans are already starting to distance themselves from Donald Trump. Soon, they’ll start telling us how they never really liked him. They’ll try to pretend they never supported a lying, sexist, racist, treasonous vile piece of crap that defended Nazis and helped recruit terrorists who try to kidnap Democratic governors. They’ll forget they didn’t just look the other way, but defended a president (sic) who was breaking the law. They’ll forget they supported a president committing treasonous acts. They’ll forget they pandered to Putin’s puppet.

When they come to you with their hat in hand, telling you how pragmatic they are, that they never sold their souls, that they still have their morals and principles, don’t believe them. Remember how they were over the past four years. Remember the promises they made when they stole a Supreme Court seat from President Obama. Remember how they broke those promises for Amy Coney Barrett. Remember how they didn’t bail on a president, even after he started praising Nazis.

Remember who they are because they’ve been telling us for the past four years. Remember their lack of principles. Remember and vote them out. Send them where we’re sending Donald Trump. And maybe…just maybe…

When Donald Trump flees the country, he’ll take a few of them with him.

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  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I WON’T FORGET A SINGLE THING THEY’VE DONE AND THEY HAVEN’T DONE … “Remember who they are because they’ve been telling us for the past four years. Remember their lack of principles. Remember and vote them out. Send them where we’re sending Donald Trump. And maybe … just maybe … when Trump flees the country, he’ll take a few of them with him.

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    1. I dunno if it be worth it. I would rather see the Dems craft some solid legislation first to end gerrymandering, enact automatic voter registration, and invite DC and Puerto Rico into statehood. It won’t be enough to win in 2020. They gotta win in 2022, 2024, etc. to have enough time to undo Trump’s damage.

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  2. I’m not so sure on “the republicans being deminshed” for awhile. (Although I’d enjoy it and they sure deserve to be lauched into space. Americans are fickle, democrats included. I suspect many democrats will forget to vote (or forget what they are supposed to be voting for) in the next major election. I recall back in the Bush election era when people were asked why they voted for Bush, “cus he’d be the guy they’d like to have a beer with.” I don’t want to have a beer with any president. I want a super-phuckin smart, knowledgeable man or woman that’s top shelf and world savvy. I’d prefer another Obama – one that focuses 35% more on the middle class this time. (I truly believe – if Obama had done more for the middle-class trump would never have landed. The middle-class under Obama barely recovered from the 2008 dive. Most of us went back to work at 75% wages while the top 5% scored real well again). Biden/Harris REALLY need to do BIG things for the middle-class or the next g’damn president will be Sean Phuckin Hannity.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. “. . . if Obama had done more for the middle-class . . . ”

      IF the rethuglican legislature hadn’t blocked almost everything he tried to do, we’d ALL have been better off. It’s surprising that he managed to do as much as he did, seeing what/whom he was up against for eight years.

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      1. True Andrea, I’m sure President Obama would do a few things differently if he had it to do again.


      2. My comment was not really Anti-Obama and I certainly concur the GOP was of no benefit in that recovery. But, there was and still remains a MAJOR imbalance of resources on these recoveries – which seem to now be needed everytime we come to the end of a republican President. [There
        is a pattern.]
        (They) need to stop propping-up the corporations and instead prop-up the American consumers which – with having more buyng power – will trickle-up to the corporations.

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  3. Great post on a sad subject. I am here courtesy of Scottie’s reblog. Can I mention three points:

    – Savannah Guthrie was dead-on accurate telling the president comes across a Crazy Uncle when he retweets the inane QAnon conspiracy theories. His niece agrees with the Crazy Uncle assertion.
    – How is it a person who has bragged on more than one occasion on Howard Stern’s show that he liked to walk in the dressing room for teenage beauty pageant contestants unannounced (these are under age girls) can legitimately accuse anyone of pedophilia?
    – Taking this a step further, there is a lot more to the Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein story than has been allowed to hit the press. There is a lot of hearsay, which I won’t repeat, but at the heart of Epstein’s many parties were under age girls and much older men, one of whom was allegedly Donald J. Trump on occasion.


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    1. Keith, I’ve read about that and more. I’ve read and heard about 45 for well over 30 years How he slithered his way into the White House is many-fold, including a desperately uneducated and angry populous. 45’s cards are being played out, he has had the leverage of “dirt” on many powerful people. 45 won’t hesitate to take as many down with him. 45, his crime family will be calling in favors, what good that will do I can’t guess. The nightmarish drama isn’t over yet, I desperately want him and his out of OUR White House! They can shit somewhere else.


      1. Agreed. He is a cornered animal, so he will do whatever it takes to not lose. He has been overtly cheating for several months and has said and will say anything and continue to use Barr as his own bulldog to avoid losing. So, Americans need to vote and Biden beat him resoundingly. As he will not go down easily. Keith

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