Cannon Gaslighting

Last night, I did something I really hated doing. I blocked a family member on Facebook.

I don’t typically block someone because I just don’t want to see their hateful and ignorant post, even family members. And, I have too many Trump supporting family members. I don’t friend them but I don’t bother with blocking them either. But yesterday, it broke my heart to see the racism and I don’t want to see it anymore. What I fear from blocking him is that I’ll never talk to him again…but I’d rather not see what he’s become.

What did he do? He gaslighted in the name of racism. He took a false equivalency that’s become a right-wing talking point over the past few days and he ran with it. This family member hasn’t done well with comprehension lately and instead has been prone to talking out his ass, but until yesterday, he’s been using the dog whistles more than the outright racism. Sharing the Cannon Hinnant talking point was the last racist straw for me.

Cannon Hinnant was a five-year-old boy killed by a 25-year-old neighbor with a gun in North Carolina. There’s right-wing outrage over this. Is it about the gun violence? No. Is it about the murder of a child? No. Is it about an adult murdering a child? No. It’s about a white child being murdered by a black man.

Republicans are sharing this in relation to George Floyd’s murder by police. If you’re a rational level-headed thinking person, you would probably ask, what’s the equivalence? There is none.

You may think since they’re outraged, authorities refused to arrest and charge the black man who is the suspect. No. He was arrested. He’s been charged. He’s in jail. The outrage is, we’re not talking about it enough. They claim the media hasn’t covered it.

The claim CNN hasn’t covered it. They claim The Washington Post hasn’t covered it. They claim USA Today hasn’t covered it. They claim the Associated Press hasn’t coverd it. They even claimed Yahoo News didn’t cover it. Why, all those links must be fake news or the viral racism is a total lie.

The thing is, kids, these right-wing troglodytes don’t care about Cannon’s life. Children are murdered in this country. It’s horrible and we should be outraged every time. But the national media doesn’t report each and ever single one. For conservatives, Cannon is just a tool for the to spread their hate.

Do you remember conservatives getting upset over Sandy Hook? I do. They were upset people talked about taking away guns. Conservatives decided a long time ago guns are more valuable than a child’s life.

Do you remember conservatives being upset over Donald Trump’s policy of separating families and throwing children in cages? No. They think that’s what they get for breaking our border laws.

Do you recall conservatives being upset over children dying because of Trump’s family-separation policy? I don’t.

And if Cannon was murdered by a white person, we wouldn’t be talking about him. Want proof? Five children were killed by gunfire over the past 72 hours. Ask a conservative who’s shared the Cannon meme for the name of any of those children.

The equivalency is wrong here. This is an anti-Black Lives Matter thing for them. Conservatives say they should be protesting and rioting in the streets. Protesting against whom? What system? Cannon was murdered by an individual and the system is seeking justice for him and his family. When a cop murdered George Floyd, it took a week for the cop and his accomplices to be arrested and charged. A week. A week after protests and riots. If there was not video footage of George Floyd’s murder, that cop could be kneeling on another black man’s neck right now. There was no footage of Cannon’s murder, yet miraculously, they found a suspect and made an arrest. When was the last time a cop was arrested for a murder without video footage?

The man who murdered Cannon is a piece of shit. He’s been arrested after going on the run, charged, and being held without bail in a state with capital punishment. George Floyd’s killer never had to go on the run. He waited it out for a week until he was charged. Cannon was not murdered by an authority figure, a person who took an oath to protect him instead of murdering him. Cannon’s murderer was not protected by a legal system. Cannon’s murderer was not suspended with pay while an internal investigation was performed. Cannon’s murderer was not fired from his job, then released on bail until his trial.

It’s a false equivalence. If you’ve been sharing the memes, you don’t care about Cannon. You’re are only trying to paint black people as evil and as murderers of white children. We don’t even know if this is a race issue as we don’t know the motive yet. All Cannon is worth to you is a racist meme. If you really want to save children from what happened to Cannon, you’d be screaming for gun control. You’d be protesting for that…not making memes about how horrible black people are. I’ve yet to see one of the memes take issue with the gun. If anything, they probably think the gun used is a victim too. If Cannon was shot in a mass shooting with an automatic weapon, they’d be calling him a crisis actor.

If you have been sharing these memes, you’ve been using a child’s death for your racist agenda.

For that, you deserve to be blocked. And even if you’re a family member, your racism will result in your being blocked from my life.

The Fucknuts are posting, “White lives matter.” Conservatives are using Cannon now for their own “Say His Name, but a month from now, they won’t remember Cannon’s name.

Cannon’s murderer is a piece of shit. And if you’ve been using Cannons’ death for your racism, you’re a piece of shit too and I’m glad I blocked you.

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  1. I deleted -not blocked- over 1/2 my friends AND Family Members on FB..last night…I am so disgusted with them…and since 45 has been in the WH, they have been spouting off like ‘their guy’ is there…and now they can be racist assholes too. So, they are all gone. I will be in my happy place ’bubble’ …forever. And then I changed my name (added my married name) …maybe they will never find me! Thinking on staying away…and not getting any more emotionally involved in FB until after Nov 4..or whenever this goon gets out of the white house. I am starting to have trouble sleeping, which has never been an issue for me…ugh

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Karen this concerns me.

      We need you to defeat the current incumbent. Tell me that if 1/2 your friends are deplorable this is not representative of America.

      I feel you are (having to) making this fight an internal battle for your own souls for these are end days.

      God bless America and free her from the tyranny of hatred!

      Maybe we’re confusing friends with fb friends. Tell me that’s so.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Clay, you are one S.O.B.
    Superior.Observant.Beloved – A poster of what America needs, daily and sometimes more.
    I’d say God bless you, but I may be taken as a supporter of our deeply religious president.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. another great and informative post.

    and it hits home… i think my trump loving, bible thumping, whistle blowing, BLM hating, Covid ignoring FL sis in law has blocked or unfriended me on FB.

    NO LOSS….. this prolific face booker has gotten on my last nerve with her disgusting Reposts (she hasn’t the smarts to think of the vile crap on her own).

    and like you………. who knows when we will next meet. sure will be a lot less hugs and kisses.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Are the police sure they even have the right murderer, since they have no video? They’ve lost the ability to investigate since video has become so prevalent. Someone tapes everything these days. Isn’t that what smart phones are for?
    Somehow my part of Canada missed this news! No, a black man shooting a white boy was not considered newsworthy. It happens everyday, doesn’t it? Sounds more like a wake-up call to me? Wake up! How seldom are white chidren murdered by black adults, if this is what happened here? Can we say the words “Rush to judgment”? Can we even maybe say “Scapegoat”? Can we say, “Set up”? I am not even trying to suggest this black man did not kill this white boy, but I do want to know the facts. “What was the situation”? Where is the evidence? Where did this happen? Who were the witnesses, and are they reliable? What kind of gun was used? Was this deliberate? Or was it self-defence? Was it just an unfortunate accident?
    AND WHY IS THIS SHOOTING NOTEWORTHY? (All shootings are noteworthy, that goes without saying. But there are so many Americans killed by Americans these days, for the news channels to address “each one individually, they would need to make a 72-hour-a-day news channel–to cover them all just once, not once every hour or half-hour.”)
    Give me a break, people, THIS is what should be noteworthy, THAT THERE ARE SO MANY CRIMES COMMITTED EVERY DAY IN THE UNITED STATES THEY ARE CONSIDERED SO COMMON THEY ARE not NEWSWORTHY! For me, that is the real issue here, the ONLY ISSUE. When did humans get so inured to crime that they want to make one particular incident more important than the rest.
    Obviously, this particular crime doesn’t happen regularly enough–BLACK MAN SHOOTS WHITE BOY–that white racists are devastated by it. THAT SHOULD BE “GOOD NEWS,” not bad news.
    And the beat goes on…

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’ve read a bit more now. First, the father says he was in the house when he heard the shot. That means he did not see who pulled the trigger. There are many ways the accused could have come into posession of the gun, IF
      IT WAS THE MURDER WEAPON. So let’s say it is the murder weapon. Is there GSR (gun shot residue) on his trigger hand, and was it enough to warrant believing he pulled trigger?
      Second, was there any other party involved. Looking for signs of a scuffle.
      Third, what were the positions of the various parties? It seems the only witness to the events could be the accused. The father says the boy was riding his bike. There is no way to know that since he was in the house. The best he can say is the boy was riding his bike last time he saw him. (How long was the time period between his entering the house and his hearing a “loud noise”?)
      Fourth, was the father checked for GSR?
      I could go on, but why bother. It is because we cannot verify anything that sober thought has to remain in play. Passion must be left out, as must conjecture. l will wait for the evidence to be gathered and analysed.

      Liked by 2 people

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