Roughing It, Volume 59

Hey, kids. It’s time for more roughs from the week before. Also, today’s blog was written in an airport.cnnrough895

This was the cartoon chosen last week for the CNN Opinion newsletter.

And this is the finished product.

They’re not all winners.

There were a few others in my head that I’ve forgotten. I held off on this one because I was afraid another cartoonist might draw it. But it’s not often I get to put Djibouti into a cartoon.

I don’t know about this one and I didn’t when I sketched it out either.

Yeah, this one stinks.

I liked this one. There was another idea I liked a lot but you can’t see that one…yet.

Any faves? 

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But, all and any help is greatly appreciated and it helps keep me going. Think of me like a street performer busking out tunes on a corner (I won’t play “Wonderwall.” I promise). If you like the tune, or in this case, toon, throw a buck into the tip jar. It’ll help me play another song, draw another toon, write another blog, make another video, and post another snarky post on social media. It’ll help keep me alive. You can also order a signed print for $40. And if you don’t like the PayPal option, you can snail mail it to my P.O. Box. 

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New Book: Tales From the Trumpster Fire

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  1. I say Yo, Semite hasn’t yet received enough milage. If any one word represents the idiocy of Sideshow Donnie it’s his miserable and failed attempt at pronoucing the name of a national park. This from the illiterate despot who’s suggested he be included in Mt. Rushmore.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “ This from the illiterate despot who’s suggested he be included in Mt. Rushmore.”

      Ki45*TF wants to be on Mt. Rushmore because IT thinks that the name is Mt. Rush Limbaugh, and IT wants to join Rush, Hannity, Carlson, etc. in a place of honor.


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