Hate The Way They Moderate


A really odd thing happened at the Republican debate Wednesday night that really upset the candidates. The moderators asked questions.

The debate was hosted by CNBC and honestly, the moderators weren’t very good. They weren’t prepared and plodded along clumsily. Stupid questions were asked, which has happened at the other debates. They also asked some pointed questions.

Ted Cruz attacked the moderators and the liberal media after being asked a question about the debt ceiling. He never did answer the actual question. Rubio, Carson, Trump, and Christie all jumped on the bandwagon along with conservative audience. Hating the media…the liberal media…is red meat for Republicans. Jeb Bush can only be angry at himself because it wasn’t the moderators who made him attack Rubio only to be served by the absentee senator.

I watched a bit of Fox News today and they kept criticizing the left wing mainstream media. At some point, maybe, Fox will realize they are the mainstream media and all major media is corporate owned. Hell, not only is the largest network conservative, so is the Wall Street Journal and the most popular talk radio program. So the conservative message, and biased reporting for the conservative side is getting out there. The Fox Five group mentioned how moderators were nice to the candidates during the Democratic debate. As I recall (it wasn’t that long ago), moderator Anderson Cooper caught a lot of heat for the job he did, which means he probably did a pretty good job.

I also watched CNN and MSNBC yesterday. MSNBC didn’t criticize CNBC (d’uh) and mentioned how the viewership for the third GOP debate was way down. They neglected to mention it was up against the World Series and that most people don’t have CNBC, and if they do have they probably can’t find it on their dial. I had to hunt.

The candidates spent Thursday complaining about the debate. Donald Trump wants proof that future moderators vote Republican. So basically reporters and members of the media will have to show who they vote for. I’m sure that’ll help make America great. Maybe I dreamed it but didn’t Trump have huge issues with the way the first debate, hosted by Fox News, was moderated? I recall him saying something about Chris Wallace not being as good as his father and blood coming out of Megyn Kelly’s wherever.

Ben Carson wants all the campaigns to get together and make demands on the next debate, such don’t ask him math question or about his connections to companies that sell fart pills.

It also might help if Carson wouldn’t deny he has connections with a company he’s made speeches and commercials for, if Carly Fiorina would just make stuff up, and Donald Trump could remember past insults (to be fair, he’s made a lot of insults). It would also help if Ted Cruz didn’t come off as creepy but that’s probably impossible.

I think the candidates will only be happy as long as they can stand there for two hours without any gotcha questions such as “can you explain how your plan is supposed to actually work?”



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