“Original” Photos For Sale, Cartoon For The Daily Dot



After I sent the rough of this idea to my editor, Fernando at The Daily Dot, I decided I should use the actual photos.

That’s pretty new for me. My usual process is Sharpies and ball point on card stock copy paper, scanned into photoshop for coloring. I had no idea how to include the images into a cartoon and resize them. I have horrible photoshop skills. I can color my cartoons and that’s about it.

A lot of cartoonists have excellent computer skills, much better than mine. A lot of them don’t even draw on paper anymore. I’m still kind of old school and I hate learning how to do new stuff, especially with computers.

So I went online and googled how to do what I needed to do. I practiced with the rough. Made a lot of mistakes. Got very frustrated. Had a lot of trial and error and then I figured it out. I was pretty proud of myself and felt accomplished. I’m also happy with the way it turned out.

Now while you think I have one more skill in my arsenal, not really. If I do this again I’ll have to relearn the process all over again.

Here’s the rough. At first I was going to use 9/11 and Fernando suggested I replace that with the Ferguson riot photo. I think that was a really great call.


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